1. E

    Is this fasc?

    Hey.,i was having problems since previous summer and ive seen neurologist at january.I have atrophy , weakness, fasc's but everthing was clean so doctor told me to come later again.thats my short summary. The point is , i guess its started around march-may, i realise that my tongue is a bit...
  2. G

    Bulbar Onset

    Howdy everyone, my name is Greg. It seems there is another Greg Mandell here since the username gregmandell was taken :P My father got diagnosed with ALS when he was 65, started in his right foot. I have lurked this forum for a while since he was diagnosed in 2011. I still lurk the DIHALS...
  3. M

    questions about emg and possibly worsening symptoms

    Hello, again, my name is Mario and I previously posted on this forum around October of 2015 about my growing concerns of having ALS. Up until to that point, I hadn't had an emg test to confirm or disconfirm my fears of this disease, and I finally managed to get myself tested on June 29, 2016...
  4. T

    Story so far

    Hi all, I've been a lurker on this thread for many months now, and want to garner your opinions on my symptoms so far (23 YO Male). I didn't think to post when my symptoms started (8 months ago) since my troubles were so minute in comparison to the vast majority of forum users, but now that...
  5. N


    Sometimes I even hate to do a rant like this because I feel like I'm whining. It's taken me 24 hours to get up the courage to put pen to paper, as it were. Yes, I'm struggling. The why has multiple reasons. These are on no particular order. 1) sleep. Hasn't been going well. Mostly due to the...
  6. swalker

    Yellowstone, Spring 2017

    We have been back from our spring trip to Yellowstone for a few weeks and I am finally getting around to writing a trip report to share with you some of the adventures we had. I will break this story up into several posts in this thread. There is simply too much to report to put it all into...