wrist drop

  1. D

    Wrist drop whe I woke up - Very worry

    Hi all again, I have been much better from my anxiety due twitching in the last days, so I forgot it completely and, even better, I did not feel almost any twitching for some days. BUT! Today in the morning when I wake up, I was sleeping on my left side, over my left arm. I watched my hand and...
  2. J

    Finally a diagnosis!

    I'm a 41 yr old male, and last week I (finally) received a diagnosis of Multifocul Motor Neuropathy. My story is a long one, but I think it's important the people learn as much as they can about these types of diseases. I'm sure most of you were like me, worried about ALS. Here goes... At...
  3. Sammantha

    what are your experiences with hyperreflexia?

    Okay i have been diagnosed with: hyperreflexia, babinski response, restrictive breathing disorder and foot and wrist drop.... i have not been diagnosed with any disease or illness.....that being said i wanted to know others experiences with this whole reflex thing... Mine are getting crazy...
  4. Sammantha

    Play Doh

    Hi all, i have not been officially diagnosed with ALS.... Most of you know me, i just had my fourth and last EMG....... I will not get the results until June. Here is another thing i have experienced that i have not heard of, so maybe it is not ALS... When i was at the ballpark with my...
  5. J

    My Story

    Since I'm new to this forum, I would like to give my story up to now and hopefully it won't be too long. First of all I want to make it clear I'm not looking for sympathy and on the other hand, by no means do I mean to be bragging about anything that I say. To the best of my knowledge, it all...
  6. F

    Frizzel's journey

    My PLS moving into ALS is being put on hold till December. We had a bathroom that I only use that the pee trap was installed on the wrong side of the tub during a remodel and I was breathing directly in from the septic tank through my over flow vent in to the tub. It was Hydrogen Sulphide...