1. M

    Worrying Symptoms

    Hi all. Wanted to say hello and express how much respect I have for everyone here after reading through many posts in which people were helping and reassuring others. It's heart warming to see. Over the past three weeks I have developed muscle weakness, twitching and fatigue. Starting in both...
  2. J

    20 years old almost certain of having als.

    Hi, I wrote here one month ago about my symptoms and since then I tried to stay off this forum but my terrible problems and symptoms are not letting me to do so. The most concerning symptoms are : - Slower talking on and off : Few days I am pronouncing words slower and less precisely, it takes...
  3. P

    Is this the beginning of ALS?

    This week is a particularly troubling week for me, with many distressing symptoms. First there was difficulty breathing. Monday night, after having eaten more than I needed, I started having apnea when lying down. The thing is I waited a few hours before going to bed to minimize discomfort from...
  4. F

    Worried about my health

    Hello everyone, I am 21 years old and have been experiencing neurological symptoms for the past 2 months. It started with a headache, then leg weakness and muscle twitching, light and sound sensitivity. The twitching started in my leg but in a few days became widespread. Usually its not constant...