worried about als

  1. D

    Worried about symptoms in leg

    Hello everyone. Just wondering people’s thoughts on this. I have a small bit of muscle weakness in my left leg around the calf which started a few weeks ago but recently my calf has begun twitching in the calf and down along the back of my leg into my foot. I can see the left calf muscle has...
  2. L

    Als fears

    Hello everyone. I'm new on here have alot of fears and anxiety about ALS. I have not been diagnosed. I've had four opinions from 4 different doctors that say I do not have that. I do have an EMG schedule in 3 weeks. I've been having a lot of pain in my legs feet arms. I would say minimal...
  3. J

    My symptoms, my fears

    Hello, first of all thank you for letting me join this forum. I’ve been dealing with some symptoms in the last month and I wanted to ask your opinnion about it. I’m 40. For some time I had some numbness in my hands, legs and upper lip so I had an appointment with neuro to see if something...
  4. V

    Concerned about Progression

    Hello everyone, I posted back in October about some worrisome symptoms that I was having. The main symptom being a feeling of being off balance while standing. That has gotten worse. Since then, some things have changed. My calves have constant fasciculations. They never stop. I was very...
  5. E

    What a journey - worried about ALS - former Cancer Survivor

    Hello everyone - Let me start by saying you all have been excellent in guiding the users here. You approach each person with respect and understanding and bring great expertise from your own experiences. I have read the sticky notes and many other posts. My story - I am 47 years old male...
  6. R

    Want your inputs please

    Hi, I am a 44 year old female. I have been experiencing some symptoms for the past few weeks (2 or 3 weeks). My left face (cheek or jaw) feels heavy and sometimes I experience a dull ache there as well. This is on and off in the sense that some days I am fine and the other days it is very much...
  7. J

    Pretty scared. Another EMG upcoming

    Hello, My story begins in January or February of this year. My left foot would fall asleep very quickly and that leg was numb. I'd had a previous dvt and high d-dimer, but no clot was found in that leg on Feb 1. I began to have long periods where my heart would race and pound hard for no...
  8. G

    My Story - input appreciated.

    Hello. I would like to start by stating my true admiration for all on this forum. You are all so courageous and inspiring. Thank you for sharing your valued thoughts and perspectives. I am very worried about having als. Here is my story. I have twitched intermittently for years. In April I...
  9. A

    Bulbar symptoms?

    Hello Before anything, i'd like to say that I'm a bit scared and I don't want to annoy anyone with my things, but i'd like to hear your thoughts. I'm a male, from Portugal and I'm 19. Even tho I spend the days telling myself that I'm fine, it seems to haunt me all day long. It might seem...
  10. KarenNWendyn

    A new take on an old favorite

    What we say to patients worried about ALS: “ALS is unlikely given your exam and normal EMG. You don’t have ALS.” What patients worried about ALS hear: “ALS blah, blah, ALS, blah, blah, ALS...”