1. G

    "Right To Try" in Minnesota

    I'm hoping to get BrainStorm NurOwn stem cells. BrainStorm is hoping to get the policy in early June. So I still can play my guitar, play my drums, do yard work and ride my scooter. I can't talk to well. But I'm hoping to get NurOwn.
  2. I


    I tried taking Neudexta about a month ago but quit after three or four days because I was taking it with my evening pills and it seemed to cause leg cramps. Anyone else having that issue? I think I may try taking it with morning pills because I do really think it may work for me. I know...
  3. J

    Care for CALS

    Hello Everyone, How did or do you find time to take care of YOU?? My husband and I are new into our journey with ALS. I have been told over and over to take care of myself so I can take care of my husband. HOW do you find time??? I need to work full time. I don't want to eat up my "sick"...
  4. A

    16 years on from diagnosis

    Hi folks, (I hope it's appropriate to post this here - my apologies if not - I'm new to the site and I thought this might just help someone...) I was diagnosed 16 years ago. In 2002 I was having falls and finding it awkward to place my feet but I never saw the diagnosis coming. I was just...
  5. J

    Weird Symptoms.

    First, I want to thank anyone that takes the time to read this post. I have started to develop weird symptoms that I cannot explain and they are causing severe worry. Background information: 24 year old female, decently active, used to play competitive sports. So, the symptoms started roughly 2...
  6. D

    Twitching, throat issues and uncooperative hands

    Hi everyone, thanks for letting me join the forums. :smile: 31 year old male here. My story begins in the end of february, before this my only health issues were constantly feeling a bit tired and some back pains I've been having for some while. After february my body has been acting up in...
  7. A

    Seeking communication support for special friend

    A special friend (David) of mine and my husbands is a 17-year survivor of ALS. David currently has a Tobii Dynavox I-15 (with eye gaze interaction – AAC device) speech generating device. His AAC device is calibrated to his eyes. David was able to communicate (with his wife and family, also with...
  8. C

    Panic Attacks at random times

    I don't know if this is common, but I have been having random panic attacks. I can be doing something or nothing and bam.. it just hits me and I feel like my heart is going to jump out of my chest and I have to leave whatever situation I am in. The doctor tried me on Celebrex? and it didn't...
  9. J

    Newly diagnosed

    Hi All, My husband recently got diagnosed with: BRACHIAL AMYOTROPHIC DIPLEGIA. Is there anyone else on this support group who has this?? All functions work, except both his arms/hands. Also called Man in a Barrel.
  10. Chincoteaguer

    Using the Hoyer for the first time

    I anticipate using the Hoyer lift within the next few weeks. My wife's ability to lift herself is steadily decreasing . We still managed to get her in a standing position but she is asking that I do most of the lifting. I was not at home when the lift was delivered so I did not get the...