windows xp

  1. C

    Dynavox V for Sale - $950

    PRICE - $950 or best offer DESCRIPTION -- For sale is a used Dynavox V Communication Device. It works, but it lacks all the needed software to make it fully functional. It was working perfectly up until last month, then it had a hard drive crash. Dynavox wanted a ridiculous amount of money...
  2. M

    Used MiniMerc Bundle For Sale -$300

    I have a daughter with autism and we got this device for her instead of using her PECS book so that it will be more interactive. However recently she was evaluated and needed to advance to another device. This unit is in very good used condition. The unit itself does have writing on the front...
  3. Montana Carol

    Model Talker Voice-Banking Software

    Mike and Pappy, I downloaded the InvTool and Model Talker software, and am recording words and phrases (some of 'em are SO silly!:) like crazy! Thanks for making me aware of this resource! My Windows XP has shut down twice, though, with scary blue screens that made me think I'd lost...