1. Zaphoon

    I'm Thinking AMPUTATION!

    I saw the stupidest thing on T.V. a while back... Some guy with some crazy syndrome that involved his mind telling him one of his legs was a foreign object that needed to be cut off. The program showed the guy winding up getting it amputated. My mind has been constantly complaining to me (oh...
  2. Zaphoon

    My Neuro Retired!

    Shucks! Shucks shucks shucks and shucky darn! - the neurologist that was seeing me at the VA retired! I liked the guy, too bad... This means that I now have to drive 2 hours (give or take) to the VA hospital in Arkansas instead of the 30 minute drive to the closer clinic. Ah, who knows...
  3. J

    Demyelination w/ PLS?

    Doctor's office called and they found demyelination and some other junk but I asked about lesions and they said there were none, just demyelination so I asked about the PLS diagnosis and she said that there can be demyelination in PLS? Say what? Anyone heard of this? ARGH...I am frustrated...
  4. B

    Caregiver Resentment

    So, I'm getting all these feelings inside me. I am disappointed more of the family isn't helping out. I 'm disappointed with family because I think they're not taking this seriously. I'm disappointed with my FIL because he's not putting his foot down to my MIL. I'm disappointed with my MIL...
  5. J

    How much discomfort?

    Hello, My husband,Vic was diagnosed wIth ALS last April having had symptoms since the summer of 2003. It started in his right leg and has progressed to the point where he is in a wheelchair and is losing the use of his arms and hands. He is on many medications, some to help with the spasms...