1. L

    I give up.

    I've talked to my stepdad about getting hospice. He said he and my mom talk about it everyday, but she won't do it, and he won't get it even though he knows they both need it desperately. He won't do it if she doesn't want it, even though she's in pain, not sleeping, and needs it so badly...
  2. arkallen

    Happy Hour

    Normal begins at the toes. Gradually, at a pace that would irritate a snail, normalcy spreads up through the ankles, calves and knees; manifesting at the same time in the fingertips, palms and forearms. There is a moment of trepidation as one’s belly-button becomes ever-so-slowly normal; but...
  3. notme

    Simply Fed UP

    When it rains, it pours. Two years ago, I fell and ruptured a disc in my neck and one in my spine. Now, the attorney is telling me that the store insurer is refusing to pay for my treatment. Why? They found out I have possible other issues--namely possible ALS--of course they are going to...
  4. Barbie

    Can I have some Cheese with my Whine?

    Hi All, I have been a member of this forum for several years and rarely post because...i don't even know why...but I do read and take so much good away from other posts. I feel like I know people who post alot, just from reading the forums and it makes me sad to see so many of the ones who...
  5. CoachMeg

    Drowning in paperwork!

    Things have been crazy. Paperwork for living trust. Paperwork for disability retirement. Paperwork for Social Security. It seems to be a never ending, ever growing pile! And today, it is weighing heavily on my wonderful husband. He feels himself getting worse everyday and I know he is...
  6. ruthiep

    Hi to all....wow, never expected this!

    I've been shadowing so to speak for the last several weeks and just now have the courage to post! I have to say, you are all an amazing bunch of folks and I feel so very fortunate and blessed to have found this site! My husband was diagnosed with ALS January 2011, just a few days before our...
  7. S

    I started a blog

    Does anyone else do this? This support forum and my blog were recommended by my therapist. I'll let you know if it helps or better yet, if it is the :smile:;):grin:8) whine and cheese: riesling and pepperjack please... and some crackers... or maybe merlot?
  8. Bryant80

    Sharing my story and showing some love

    It's been awhile since I've been on here.Last year I started having fasculations and went to ole doctor Google.Well you can guess how that turned out.I slurred a couple times and thats when I really got scared!I looked at the bottom of my tongue and one side looked deformed.My tongue was...
  9. indigosd

    Abusive Posters destroying our forum HOME

    Most of you are aware of the unpleasantness in the forum that happened yesterday. I felt like someone had broken into my home and robbed me. I have to admit that it ruined my day to be subjected to such vile personal attacks by individuals that are not PALS or CALS. In all of my many months...
  10. indigosd

    HOWL at the MOON Monthly Event!

    Do you want a COSMIC connection with the forum family? Are you feeling "wolfish" and need to HOWL? Please RSVP and join us for our WORLD HOWL AT THE MOON EVENT to be held every month during the full moon at 9 PM wherever you reside. This event is completely free and clothing is optional ;-)...