wheelchair vans

  1. mare

    Question about wheelchair vans-

    We are starting the search for vans, and in gathering information, learned there are a few companies that do conversions. (who knew?) Seems like the main co. are Braun & VMI. I've read discussions here that mention Braun; does anyone have the VMI conversion? We like the Honda Odyssey, which...
  2. R

    Wheelchair Vans

    We are starting to look for vans. I want to know the must haves and the things to avoid. Thanks, Rhonda
  3. P

    What do others do?

    I am a CALS for a friend. I am seeking info to see what people do that have little to no money to pay for equipment, home modification, wheelchair vans, and hands on help. Yes medicare is available, even waiver programs but those take a long time to access. Ex. Showering... what if there...
  4. W

    Wheelchair Vans - Opinions on Features

    I did a casual search of the forums and I was unable to find a thread on wheelchair vans. I have seen some discussion of side versus rear entry and other features of the vans but nothing specific. I would like to collect in a single thread comments and advice about: - Features they consider...