wheelchair vans

  1. G

    Please Review and Comment: ALSinfo

    Essential information for the newly diagnosed! This is my magnum opus. This, along with my other documents and efforts to support the ALS community, is how I justify my continued existence and attempt to make amends for a lifetime of hubris. I have just begun my 7th year post diagnosis and I...
  2. lgelb

    Richard Thiede

    I just learned that Dick died in July. A former Marine, he became very active in ALS advocacy and we worked on some projects together. He fought for better VA care, spearheaded additional research funding, and helped PALS obtain wheelchair vans. RIP.
  3. gooseberry

    2010 Chrysler, 31916 miles

    This item is for sale in Wesley Chapel, FL. Here is the info: 2010 Chrysler Town and Country Limited Fleet $25,999 For Sale By Owner Vehicle Location Wesley Chapel, FL About 10 miles from you Contact Seller By Phone (954) 258-8532 14 Pictures Available Email Seller...
  4. K

    Advice for A Vacation:

    My husband uses an Avap, a Sip N Puff, Can't Walk anymore, in a powerchiar all the time...transfers to the toilet but needs a great deal of help/bars, personal help, he has a special shower chiar with a back because his back is weak, has a feeding tube having two feedings and eating one still...
  5. 913mommyof3

    Where to find a vehicle?

    I have been keeping my eyes open and checking craigslist for wheelchair vans. I finally found one I was really interested in, and they sold it. I emailed them 3 hrs after it was posted. I am going to lose my mind! I don't know how anyone affords a converted vehicle! I feel obsessed with...
  6. rmstudier

    Things I've Learned

    Without ALS I'd likely never have learned: - Just about anyone can safely park in a handicap space - Doctor and dentist offices aren't ready for nonambulatory people - How expensive wheelchair vans are - The obscene profit margins on durable medical equipment - How to eat with my left hand -...
  7. Al

    Adaptive devices menu

    This list was borrowed from www.alsindependence.com General Sites: Offer a wide range of Disability/Medical Products Ontario Incontinence Supplies Adult Diaper | Adult Diaper Delivery | Incontinence Supplies Good prices on brand name Incontinence Supplies, fast delivery (Please use the...
  8. G

    Wheelchair Van / Conversion Questions

    My mom was diagnosed back in Fall 2008, but only recently has it become extremely necessary to pursue a different mode of with transportation. She has limited upper body strength at this point and the conventional entry/exit from a vehicle is either very time consuming and/or dangerous. I have...
  9. S

    Please think of ALSGA

    ALS Guardian Angels is in desparate need of eye gaze systems, power wheelchairs, and (dare I ask) wheelchair vans. If you are having trouble selling your equipment, please think about donating it to ALSGA. We'll handle all shipping and repair expenses We'll also make sure that you get the...
  10. S

    donated equipment = big write off? Pls help ALSGA help PALS?CALS

    If anyone is having trouble selling their used equipment, you can get a maximum tax write off by donating it to The ALS Guardian Angels Foundation. We are desparate for power wheelchairs, Dynavox/Eyemax systems, wheelchair vans etc. If anyone is skeptical, as you should be, please go to our...