wheelchair van

  1. Bestfriends14

    Dodge Caravan SE 2014 Minivan conversion

    Hello, I know this type of question was somewhat covered in another thread, but we have an opportunity to buy a really decent wheelchair van at a good price. It has low mileage and is only 30k CDN. Does anyone know much about the above van? We'll be using it to drive from Calgary to Palm...
  2. Kristina1

    renting wheelchair van on vacations

    I'm having a hard time finding wheelchair van rentals based on a google search. Is it possible to rent a van when you fly somewhere and want to use your pwc while there? My manual chair is not good for more than short uses.
  3. Kristina1

    wheelchair van & urban driving

    We recently purchased a wheelchair van. It is a 2011 Mercedes Benz Sprinter in good condition. When we are driving on the freeway or smooth suburban streets it's great. But when we drive in the city or any roads that are uneven or have small cracks/bumps I get tossed around like a rag doll in my...
  4. Buckhorn

    2010 Dodge Caravan wheelchair van; location Northeastern PA

    This van is in excellent shape. Current mileage is 36,200 miles. V6, automatic transmission, FWD. Used for just 9 months. It drives very well, excellent handling, very smooth. Tires are excellent. Manual drop down drive up entry ramp which is very easy to operate, not heavy, & able to...
  5. G

    Wheelchair carrier

    We are looking for a low cost alternative to a wheelchair van. This would be for occasional outings where I want to use my wheelchair instead of a walker. Since we already own a pickup truck (Toyota Tacoma), we have been looking at a carrier that attaches to the trailer hitch. Does anyone have...
  6. swalker

    Adventures in Yellowstone

    We had a wonderful month-long trip to Yellowstone. We arrived on May 20 and departed for home on June 18. It was a long and wonderful trip. My two sisters joined my wife and me for the last couple of weeks of the trip. My friend Greg and my adorable 7 year old goddaughter were there for the...
  7. Kristina1

    wheelchairs and insurance question

    How often will insurance pay for a wheelchair- is it one per every certain amount of years? And how hard is it to get approved? I can still walk but fatigue utterly after short distances. I'm worried if we request a wheelchair eval insurance will decide that my ambulation is not impaired...
  8. D

    Access Unlimited Multi-Lift Transfer Lift NEW Paid $6500, selling for $4500!

    ACCESS UNLIMITED MULTI-LIFT TRANSFER LIFT FOR HONDAY ODYSSEY 2011-2017 Purchased for $6500 Never used! ********** SAVE $2,000 ************* This was purchased direct from Access Unlimited for $6,500.00 and never used. Simply put, a wonderful opportunity to own this extremely practical personal...
  9. swalker

    Travelling in Yellowstone - Fall 2017

    I am writing this from our trailer at Madison Campground in Yellowstone National Park. I will post this message to a new thread when we get to cell phone coverage so you can share some of the adventures we are having. This has been an interesting trip. I debated long and hard about cancelling...
  10. swalker

    New Toy:)

    I had posted previously that I was considering adding another wheelchair to my collection. And...I could not resist! Yesterday, we picked up a Permobil C350 manufactured in July of 2014. That is their rear-wheel drive model which is a bit more compact and nimble than the other front wheel...
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