wheelchair accessible van

  1. N

    Insurance for Spouse

    Good Morning, Giving this a try. A little background for my dad: He was diagnosed early months of 2017, receives Social Security Disability. Medicare A and B, recently enrolled into Supplemental Insurance as well. My mother depended completely on his income when he did work. My dad can no...
  2. starente15

    VA Benefits Questions

    Hi everyone! Just returned from 10 day visit with my parents. I had a few questions on VA benefits that came up today and can't find anything on the sticky or web. Wondering if anyone knows... My mother said she is entitled to free additional insurance through the VA which doesn't affect the...
  3. CGARS

    Side vs Rear entry accessible van?

    To those that have a wheelchair accessible van, do you think side or rear access is better? Thanks a bunch, Casey
  4. D

    2011 Dodge Grand Caravan Mainstreet Wheelchair accessible van, 2200 miles. For SALE

    2011 Dodge Grand Caravan Mainstreet. Blue with tan cloth interior. Like new condition Under 2,200 miles. Power windows, power door locks, power hatch, power sliding side doors, cruise, tilt, AM/FM/CD, dual A/C. Wheelchair accessible conversion has power side load folding ramp, removable front...
  5. G

    Planes, Trains, Motels and other travel questions

    There is going to be a huge surprise birthday party for one of my husband's brother in laws the later part of Oct. It is in Chicago where my husband grew up. All the family will be there, and we really want to go too. The problem is that live in the Houston area. His sisters and brother that...
  6. jimth

    Van Ramps

    I am looking into buying a wheelchair accessible van and would like some in put into the pros and cons for the different ramps. The Norstar ramp slides under the vehicle so if the side door is open and the ramp is not needed it stays out of the way. The other is the fold up ramp. Please let me...
  7. E

    I am running out of money!

    I have been very fortunate to stay in my home with my three young children since my diagnosis three years ago. My friends and family have had fund-raisers to raise money for my caregivers, wheelchair accessible van and medication co payments. Well the pot is almost empty and the fund-raisers...
  8. Miss

    Time for an accessible van - HELP!

    We are looking for a wheelchair accessible van. We're having trouble finding anything new or used/new conversion for under $45,000. In our area, the dealer is United Access. Does anyone have any other suggestions? My husband is a veteran, so it is important that we stay within the VA guidelines...
  9. nishant

    wheelchair accessible van rental

    Hi, I need to rent a wheelchair accessible van to get home from Chicago airport (ORD) to Madison, WI. I haven't found any shuttle service which can help, so do PALS or CALS from chicago area have any recommendations on which rental company to use? Nishant
  10. mare

    A Year in Review

    Wow, looking back over the year has brought a lot of changes: cane, AFO's, transport wheelchair- check grab-bars in shower & at toilets, raised toilet seats, stair-chair- check Social Security disability, Medicare, supplemental insurance & drug plan- check walker, scooter- check permanent...