what is the truth?

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    Please somone help me!

    Hi everyone i'm new here. Before i start i just wanna say i'm from Turkey ( Istanbul ) my English and gramatic is not good at all but i will do my best. Everything starts 5 weeks ago, i had a twitch on my biceps. I get curious and start to google twitches and that was a big mistake. Many ALS...
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    confused - and dazed

    Hello there! I have been diligent in trying to understand and believe everything the ALS clinic in Vancouver has been telling me since June of 2009 when my brother Ray was diagnosed with bulbar onset als. now, I'm confused. and dazed. and trying not to be pissed off. Okay, we had a wee...
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    If anyone can answer to my few questions on MND

    Q1:confused: . I have been hearing about "embryonic stem cell" treatement for MND. Some say Good, other say BAD.... What is the truth? Are there any sideeffects ? :confused:Q2. Once doctor said: The treatment is Stem Cell therapy using the patients own bone marrow cells which are explanted and...