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    Waiting for ALS diagnosis and frightened

    Hello everyone. I am very frightened at the possibility of an ALS dianosis. It started with facial muscle weakness that at first I thought was TMJ. Then it was in my legs. I have trouble walking, and muscle atrophy in my left calf. The muscle is all but gone and I lost 10 pounds in one week...
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    Going it alone

    My father, who lives alone, has just been diagnosed with ALS. 18 months ago, my mother died from colon cancer. It was an unbearably stressful time, and within weeks of the funeral he developed walking and hand problems. He also cut his finger off accidentally around this time - and sure...
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    Eastern medicine vs Western medicine?

    I read something the other day that made me think... It's not fair to call it only 'Eastern' medicine, but what is generally referred to by such a moniker is infinitely more effective at making you healthy. Western medicine will never make you healthy, but it will keep you alive. And there is...
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    Going to China

    Has anyone considerred going to China for Oec transplantation. I am scheduled to go. Nothing will ever happen here to help the condition of ALS, at least in the time some of us might have available. Here's some info. BEIJING -- A Chinese neurosurgeon has been besieged by desperate Americans...
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    PrimeTime Exposure

    Did anyone catch the show The Guardian last night (mar.9)I missed the first 20 minutes, so being a satellite user I tried catching it 3 hrs later on the west coast broadcast and sure enough I fell asleep and missed it again. Long story short is that the story line on the show was that one of the...
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    Insurance Co. grabbing CPP benefits-has this happened to you

    Yup it happens Hi Cathy, I am on long term disability through great west life. They take my CPP or deduct it from my payment if they do not get it from me. That seems to be the rule, sorry. Chris