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  1. T

    Free Supplies in Minnesota/western Wisconsin

    We have gloves, wipes, chucks, briefs (large), barrier cream, etc. free to whoever can use them in the area. Just send me a PM. We also have various tube food if you're interested.
  2. K

    Howdy, and Here's My Story

    Hello all, I've been combing the forums for a month or so, mostly because I'm not sure how to manoeuvre around here. I've been learning a LOT from forum, so many helpful people, and especially I've been feeling like I'm getting to know some of you, if not by actual name, then by user name...
  3. R

    Constant Body Wide Muscle Twitching + Weakness in opening fist

    Hello, First of all thank you for taking your time to open this thread. I am indebted to all of you and I wish for your health ! Before three months, I noticed some small twitching on my foot & other parts of body. They were indeed small and didn't vibrate that much such that it becomes very...
  4. H

    Probable Diagnosis

    Hello all, I never in a million years thought I would be joining a group here, but turns out it is looking like this is the next phase of my life. I started noticing a little weakness in my right leg, especially getting into a vehicle for ie. Also around the same time, I kept wondering if...
  5. T

    Deeply Concerned

    I want to keep this thread short as possible- tough to do since my story is long. I have read all stickies and have in fact been lurking on forum for months. I know everyone here my name as creepy as it sounds. I have never felt so deeply empathetic toward a group of people as I now do toward...
  6. N

    Med-Lift Power Assist Recliner Chair for Sale- Western North Carolina (Asheville area

    Chair is located in Burnsville, NC near Asheville in Western North Carolina. Med-Lift Recliner Chair for Sale, 2553 series. This recliner is in great condition and was used with a cover and in a cigarette smoke free home. This chair is great for anyone who could use assistance getting into or...
  7. tripete

    A new short story

    Raoljost - (A Guiding Light) Chapter 1 I wasn't able to run fast enough. My legs and arms were going as fast as I could force them to move and they burned with effort. My breathing was labored, but under control. Sweat poured from my brow and burned my eyes. I could hear the hounds of hell...
  8. wishmobbing

    Forum refugee from Germany

    Hi folks! I have a good feeling about finding this forum! I already found a LOT of helpful information in the german ALS forum, but there's not a lot of people around "living" in the forum, spending time with each other. And that's what I could use, a community where everybody know's what a bad...
  9. W

    Questions to doctors during second ALS clinic visit.

    My dad has been diagnosed with "MND likely ALS " a month ago in North Western University hospital in Chicago. In 4 days we are going to his second ALS clinic visit. During our last visit, i was too overwhelmed and unprepared to ask questions, but i want to make sure i am all of the important...
  10. O

    Advice on ALS Clinic Selection?

    Hello. My father was diagnosed w/ALS earlier this month at West Virginia University (WVU). The diagnosis and recommendation to begin Radicava was so swift from WVU that I suggested he get a 2nd opinion. We had the 2nd opinion at the Cleveland Clinic last week, and they want to re-run the EMG and...

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