1. G

    Home Automation w/ Axial Server & Amazon Alexa

    I worked with Team Gleason on testing their Home Automation offering: Home Automation | Team Gleason | Steve Gleason | New Orleans Saints And was asked to document my experience in a blog post. But there's a wait while the new website is built, so I thought it both useful and worthwhile to...
  2. J

    Confused, looking for clarity and perspective

    Hello everyone, I Am brand new to this forum but I would like to take a minute to say thank you all so much for what you are doing to provide support for PALS, CALS and people like myself who are seeking knowledge and peace of mind. I cannot say that I understand all that you're going through...
  3. L

    Didn't think I would be back

    My first neurologist diagnosed me with HIV Associated Vacuolar Myelopathy and didn't think I had ALS (less than a year ago). The second neurologist concurred and all the extensive testing was normal. My I.D. doctor thought I had ALS and just recently I went to a neurosurgeon to find out what...
  4. C

    scared and need to vent.

    I have all the symptoms, increasingly bulbar to be specific. I have been in and out of the hospital the past couple of weeks, I have the follow-up appointment with Neuro on Wednesday. The first time he saw me he took ten minutes and then told me it was probably stress. I know why its because I...
  5. W

    Why Does Support This Treatment?

    Find it odd this keeps popping up on this forum. Does this website and forum support this treatment? Has it been proven to cure or stop ALS?
  6. R

    ALS MND Symposium - Patient Fellows Program

    For anybody with ALS MND who is interested in the science and can get to Glasgow, the Patient Fellows Program is now open for applications... The fellowship covers symposium fees and hotel and a little misc. Thanks to ALSTDI, RobG for coordinating...
  7. Ed340hp

    No help forum so how do you...

    How do you change the font size to make reading this website easier? My hands cannot work the zoom. Is there a setting to enlarge the default font size?
  8. D

    Access Unlimited Multi-Lift Transfer Lift NEW Paid $6500, selling for $4500!

    ACCESS UNLIMITED MULTI-LIFT TRANSFER LIFT FOR HONDAY ODYSSEY 2011-2017 Purchased for $6500 Never used! ********** SAVE $2,000 ************* This was purchased direct from Access Unlimited for $6,500.00 and never used. Simply put, a wonderful opportunity to own this extremely practical personal...
  9. M

    new neck brace that looks like it will work

    a neck support that looks like it will work! it was developed and tested under the name sheffield snood, and it is being marketed under the name headup collar. here is some info on it...
  10. A

    ALS Concerns

    Hello all, I'll keep this short in case I'm in the wrong website. I've read the stickies here, my posting is fear driven because I'm not sure if my symptoms are relevant to ALS or not. I'm 48, prior US military, male, in generally good health but have high blood pressure/elevated cholesterol...