1. J

    Multiple symptoms for months

    Well for starters I found this website in a state of my panic and have read others threads about similar symptoms in a search for reassurance. I have been very apprehensive about posting here because I know a lot of people are probably just overexcited or scared and have convinced themselves...
  2. A

    Terrified of bulbar

    First I would like to thank everyone in this community that is being very supportive because I know your time is very valuable. I am a 25 year old male. It has been an ongoing battle with my mind for the past five years because ever since I turned 20 I would have twitches all over my body...
  3. Nikki J

    Website to look into possibly

    Wellspouse dot org. I saw it mentioned elsewhere. I didn’t register but it says it has a forum and I saw some links to articles It is website that is not disease specific for caregiver spouses and the many issues confronting them.
  4. B


    Good Morning Prayers and blessings to everyone affiliated with the website and forum and their families. I am a 47 year male that was in great shape. I am 6ft 2in with weight fluctuated between 198 to 200 lbs. I worked out in some capacity everyday. My only previous health issues were acid...
  5. N

    Greetings to All

    Hello Everyone, I've been all over the website now for a while and have read a wealth of information that I have found useful as I negotiate my journey . So a big Thank You to all of the contributors that have taken the time post . Your experiences and knowledge have already helped me as I...
  6. Bestfriends14


    Hi all, The above protein/energy drink has been touted as a miracle drink for those with ALS. So much so that it claims that out of 250 people, half had symptoms stopped or reversed. It's been heavily pushed on an fb group site where they are now asking for money in order to "gift" two months...
  7. K

    My Husbands Worried.

    Hi all, thank you for allowing me to join and be able to post here. I've been on this website a lot since October 2017 and I'll explain why. My husband, who is 31 years old began getting some twitching in his muscles in or around October 2017. He went to his GP for around two visits before the...
  8. Doglady

    Microsoft supported Research - Answer ALS

    Thought this was an interesting article about a research project called "Answer ALS" where PALS can help to collect clinical, genetic, behavioral, molecular and biochemical data on people living with ALS. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, researchers plan to analyze the data to...
  9. R

    More Than Our Stories 2019 - A different kind of advocacy conference

    Please consider participating in the second annual Feb 12-13 in Washington, DC. This is a different kind of advocacy conference. No Powerpoint. No formal presentations. Lots of healthy discussion about government policies that can be improved for people dealing...
  10. Q

    To anyone my age worrying, I want to re-assure trust these experts and stop worrying

    To anyone my age worrying, I want to re-assure you trust these experts and stop worrying. If you look through my posts, I was in a absolute panic about ALS. I now know I 100% do not have ALS. I am embrassed I was in such a panic mode about this, and troubled the brave caring souls here. To...