1. D

    Neck Brace for Driving

    I have found some weakness in my neck. When driving it is tiring to hold my head up for long periods. Does anyone have any suggestions for a brace?
  2. M

    Worrying issues for three months

    Male, aged 39. It all started three months with twitching. The twitching since then has stayed the same. In all muscle groups, just a few here and there all the time. By month two I started getting cramps, mostly biceps and hamstrings, not full blown cramps but pre cramp feeling. Also in...
  3. S

    Rough time, symptomatic and looking for some help.

    *after writing this, I see I am just regergitating all the symptoms I have been having and it lead to a long post. My intention is to let you know what ALL is going on when we all know there is probably just specific symptoms that I am focusing on for this forum.* Thanks for reading this long...
  4. C

    Right arm weakness

    I am 22 years old, with a recent history of extreme health anxiety. I recently moved back home, and started a job on night shift working 70 hours a week. Ever since I started working nights, which is the first time I’ve ever worked nights, I noticed my left eye twitches almost non stop. My...
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    Bulbar als?

    Hi 6 months ago I got very sick lasted a month. Couldn't breathe hard time swallowing and talking. Lost 9 lbs in a week. Got rubber legs. Basically became wheelchair bound because every time I would walk I couldn't breathe. They put me on a ton of asthma meds which made me worse. Testing heart...
  6. A

    Left arm weakness

    Hi all, I'm 43years old and father of 3. I usually carry around my 2 year old son but this summer I found that my left arm just could not cope more then a few minutes when I usually can carry my son without any problems. I then fractured a finger on my left hand and had a cast for 2 weeks. When...
  7. W

    Is it ALS?

    I’ve read the sticky note that said that this is not a progressive sensory disease. I felt immediate calm when I read that. But then personal experiences of people with ALS seem in line with what I am experiencing. For about 10 days I have experienced sudden muscle weakness. I am still a 5/5...
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    Advice needed from community. Medical mystery

    Hi all, https://www.alsforums.com/forum/do-i-have-als-als/41467-clean-clinical-exam-now-gait-abnormality.html Above is a link to my story till about May/June 2018. I have no idea what’s wrong with me, so I’m posting here looking for direction. I have seen multiple neurologists about my...
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    Knee-Ankle-Foot (KAFO) Orthotics

    Has anyone out there been prescribed these? If so, what is or has been your experience with them? Do they help or are they too cumbersome? I currently have AFOs, but the therapist says I should consider the KAFOs due to weakness/instability in my upper legs.