1. B

    Best bidet toilet seat?

    Ever since I've had that experience in Tokyo, I've always wanted one. Simply because it makes everything easier when I have my 'toilet business'. My brother is diagnosed with ALS and he's on wheelchair ever since and I think this would make it easier for him as well. I came across this article...
  2. A


    We are trying to find a vacation spot that is not only handicap accessible but has a toilet with a built in bidet/washlet. At this point the person we are accommodating refuses to allow anyone to help him with this task and it allows him some privacy and dignity. We are looking for a resort or...
  3. M

    We are willing to negotiate pricing in the hope that another ALS patient can afford

    Hi Everyone, I am hoping you can help by letting others know that these items are available. The following equipment and accessories are available for immediate placement and we are willing to negotiate pricing in the hope that another ALS patient can afford them. Equipment #1 Permobil C300...
  4. L

    Toto Washlet S300 for sale

    Used Toto Washlet S300. Fits elongated toilet. Comes with water hose and water adapter. Requires 120v outlet. Separate control is wall mountable. It was wonderfully successful for my husband for much of his ALS journey. I do not have pictures, but you can search for one similar online...
  5. rose

    bidet seat compatibility

    Just an FYI... It has been mentioned before that not all bidet seats fit on all existing toilets. Although no specifics were mentioned here on the forum, it made me ultra careful when preparing to order one. When determining which model to buy, the manufacturer will have a specs sheet, or...
  6. S

    Jasmin Washlet Bidet for sale - SOLD

    We're located in Oregon and have a like new Jasmin Washlet Bidet S300 elongated model for sale. Features include: Convenient remote control -Adjustable, heated, SoftClose seat -Adjustable heated water tank -Adjustable rear and front washes -Adjustable Warm air dryer Paid @ $800.00 for it.
  7. jrtu

    Handsfree toileting

    My hands are almost useless now but thanks to an amazing product I am still able to completely take care of my own toileting (as long as I get help with some of my clothing). It's called a Toto Washlet. I'm not going into detail here cause it is such a personal topic but one thing I will say...
  8. T

    Shower chair usage

    We got a shower chair slide system (that slides over the bathtub side) on loan from our local MDA Assoc. It is made from PVC material. The detachable chair fits over the toilet also. Do other PALS use it for toileting ? Does that work well ? We are also planning on getting a Toto washlet...
  9. S

    question about washlets

    We are in the process of adding a handicapped bathroom for my husband. We are purchasing a Toto Washlet. I was wondering if anybody can tell me which is the better choice - a separate remote or the bulky looking one that is attached. Seems like it could get in the way. I am so afraid of...
  10. rolark

    Washroom Dignity

    We just bought a Toto Washlet for our house to give my wife some washroom dignity. We did not have room for a seperate bidet so this was simply an electric seat that fits on a toilet that and has a remote control. Seat is heated, washes the front and rear, and dries even has a filter to remove...