1. S

    BIPAP question

    Hi all My mom was als diagnoised in Sep 2010. She is limb onset follow with balbar symptoms,difficult swollowing, choke occasionally, slur speach but so far she is still doing ok. However recently she feels tired and shortness of breath especially when doing things e.g. She has hard time for...
  2. AlabamaGal

    Weakness, Fatigue, Wasting

    Just wondering if there are others that have been stricken by extreme fatigue and weakness, but seen little wasting of muscle tissue. My husband was diagnosed June 2010. Two of his brothers have ALS and have wasted away, but kept leg strength for a long time. My hubby has been so tired and...
  3. H

    BiPAP S/T or Auto

    I'm in searching for a BiPAP machine for my father who recently diagnosed with ALS and has trouble breathing deeply. His CO2 level is rising as a consequence and he is feeling weak. I did some reasearch online, and frankly am quite confused with the different versions of the bipap machines. I...
  4. Raul_Chicago

    My Dad.....My Friend

    My father, Raul Velez, passed away early this morning at the age of 69. He was diagnosed in August and his respiratory issues worsened extremely fast. He was using a Vpap machine regularly for the past 6 weeks, and just this Friday he had a successful PEG tube procedure - my sister and I spent...
  5. T

    Equipment Sale

    I have a post on here already entitled BARELY USED EQUIPMENT, MUST GO FAST... Please disregard that. Desperation has set in for care for my father. We still have the following: The Vest, Model 105 (all hoses, cords, user guide, DVD, blue case with wheels) DynaVox "DynaVox VMax" (cords, user...
  6. T

    Barely used equipment for sale..must go FAST!

    Hi everyone! We have equipment for sale and due to unforeseen circumstances, we must sell it as quickly as possible. All prices are negotiable. We have the following.... THE VEST with all hoses, cords, user guide, DVD ad blue case w/wheels, Vest Model No. 105, Item #105000, new for $16,000...
  7. L

    VPap III needed

    I recently donated my late husbands VPAP III to someone and I know someone else who needs one, their insurance won't pay. If you have one to donate, please contact me. Thank You
  8. S

    Toilet Seat and Bipap

    Dear Friends, I'm so happy to ask you all about raised toilet seats. I need one with better back support any suggestions please ? I'm also using a ResMed VPAP it is meeting my needs at the moment, is there other better equipment available ? Thanks Shane
  9. GlenBrittle

    Thanks to the ALS Society

    I now have a new Resmed VPAP III ST-A machine. I already had a mask that fits perfect - 0 leakage. I have already decided to give my CPAP to my son-in-law should he need it after next weeks sleep tests. Today was a win - win day.
  10. D

    Do I need to buy a backup BiPAP machine?

    My father have to use BiPAP machine (Resmed VPAP III ST) 24 hours now. I am worrying about how reliable the machine is. Do I need to buy a backup BiPAP for him? The first was covered by insurance. I think we have to pay out of our own pocket for the backup. Could anyone tell me where I can buy a...