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    Looking to buy a Tobii i-series

    I would like to purchase a Tobii i- series device for my dad to use so that he can communicate wand become more independent. The last time we heard his voice was in December 2015, however we have not been able to afford to buy a commuication device because such products are not easily available...
  2. B

    Here goes

    An official diagnosis came 2 Monday ago I guess my story begins in October 2012 when I woke up with body wide twitching and a burning sensation threw out my body I was sick with flu like symptoms right before that like everyone else went to doctor google so scared myself with als months went...
  3. J

    Hi: Looking for an EMG interpreter

    Hello: I was referred to the Cleveland Clinic for muscle symptoms to confirm MND. My EMG was abnormal and a follow-up visit is scheduled. In the meantime, I want to be armed with some intelligent questions based on the report they faxed me. Is there anyone out there well-versed in...
  4. Z

    6 Months, Still Terrified

    Started 6 months ago during April or early May; I was laying on the couch and my right ankle started twitching. I didn't mind it till it kept happening and spread to my calf. Went on Google and found ALS. Watched videos and documented stories from people of how they first experienced ALS. This...
  5. R

    Voice Samples Needed for Study - People w ALS and Healthy Volunteers

    Link: I Owe You a Yo-Yo Today | ALS.net I did this yesterday and it was quick and easy and unobtrusive. They just ask gender, age, whether you have ALS dx... then you repeat the phrase five times. Thanks if you can participate. And if you are able, please spread the word.
  6. T

    Voice Strengthening/Chronic Coughing

    Hi All :) Just wondering if anyone has had any luck with voice strengthening exercises? Also wondering if anyone else is experiencing chronic coughing (especially when speaking)? I've had a cough for about three years now, which all of my doctors believed was allergy related. After a year of...
  7. C

    Throat closed off? Had NO AIR!

    Hello, I woke up at 3:00 AM this morning and couldn't breathe. My throat was nearly closed completely. All I could do was squeak in some air. My husband heard me and jumped out of bed to try to assist me. I was in a major panic. I could only get 3 or 4 words out at a time...very squeaky...