voice banking

  1. lgelb

    Article on AI-enhanced voice banking

    In Washington Post.
  2. M

    Relieved to get my dx on Wednesday

    Hi, some of you have already been helpful for me in my other thread (thanks). This past Wednesday, I went for EMG and nerve conduction at the ALS Center, where the director had told me categorically, at the tail end of August (after my own neurologist informed me in July that he suspected...
  3. D

    Voice Banking Anything New?

    I am considering voice banking. All of the threads seem to be closed. What are the latest developments? What have you tried? Is it worth it—your opinion please?
  4. KarenNWendyn

    Recordings of my music

    I’ve pretty much lost my ability to play bassoon due to loss of fine motor strength in my hands. I decided to make a series of recordings for my partner while I still could. I guess it’s a bit like voice banking in that I probably should have done this sooner. The recording here is a...
  5. S


    I'm an "old one" in this ALS world. I've been living with this crazy disease now for over 11 years. It all started in 2007 with my left foot while speed walking my neighborhood. It stayed in my lower limbs until about 2013ish, but now I'm just getting to the point I can not type well, feed...
  6. KarenNWendyn

    Voice banking

    I know a lot of people on this forum recommend Model Talker for voice banking. I looked into it. They are apparently working on an application which is compatible with an iOS system, which is what I use, and state it will be available “soon”. Their program currently is windows based. Does...
  7. G

    FREE Voice Banking from Team Gleason!

    For ModelTalker, see attached.
  8. F

    Life is GREAT!

    Hey, all y'all... there are ever so many new faces in here, and I truly am saddened to be welcoming you, considering the price of admission to this exclusive club. It has been awhile since I've posted, but wanted to bring you all up-to-date on the goings on. Life has been good, but the life of...
  9. D

    Great method of voice banking

    My PALS avoided the laborious task of voice banking for a long time. After her voice started to go away, she recorded a few hundred common phrases, which was helpful, but in hindsight, these recordings were rather wooden and usually revealed no more personality than the electronic voice of her...
  10. konagirl

    Voice banking

    Can someone explain this process to me? Is there a special device I need or (please excuse my ignorance here...) can this be done with a special app on his iphone? If it is a device, do I buy it on my own or is this something the Dr would write a script for? Chad is still accepting a lot of this...