1. jhonsami

    Vitiligo Herbal Treatment With Herbs Vitiligo oil

    We specialize in producing herbs vitiligo oil which is made of natural ingredients hauled out from organic plants. Our success rate is touching 97% currently and with time it is expected to increase until it reaches 100%. We have been up to the mark in providing the deliveries in time and also...
  2. M

    Symptoms related to als or is it something else?

    Hi everyone, I've been reading around for a few days on this forum (read the stickies ;-)) and would like to get some advice on my symptoms: do I need to worry or am I just a hypochondriac? My symptoms, apart from the exhaustion are all on the left side of my body: -Shortness of breath after...
  3. L

    oxidative stress

    as wright already stated in another post, oxidative stress is among the main theories as a trigger of mnd. i have two autoimmune deseases that are a result of oxidative stress (vitiligo, pernicous anemia) caused by a too long vegetarian diet and too much of sport. and probably are also my...
  4. L

    Amalgam/mercury and ALS - I am sure of a correlation

    Sorry to bother you again with my second post on this in the recent days. Sorry for my bad english, I am swiss and did not use my English for quite a while. I have now done quite a lot of research on the correlation between mercury/amalgam-fillings and ALS. There are many medical workers and...