1. L

    Alternative treatments...Royal Rife machine and others

    I am open to alternative medicine. I get people all the time saying try this try that this is good for you. I can't see it doing much harm to try these things. I live in Thailand where they are convinced there is a cure-all for everything. I keep getting Thais telling me they have seen people...
  2. C

    ALS vs Poliovirus

    Hi pals [Neurotropic viruses--classification, structure an... [Nippon Rinsho. 1997] - PubMed result and here we have a list of culprits. Which are very much the same.How hard would it be to biopsi the motor neuron and spinal tissue for this. Hope all is well Curetime
  3. J

    Symptoms and story - made it as short as possible.

    I am a 33 year old male. In April of 2009 I had back to back stomache viruses. One week apart to be exact. Shortly after that I started to develope severe nocturnal myclonus. Then about 1 week later I started to twitch in left bicep, it lasted about three days and then dissapeared. The twitching...
  4. J

    Acute Onset and Rapid Progression of Symptoms

    Hello, First of all, thank you for those that are diligent to post and answer questions on this forum. It appears that many are very helpful. My thoughts are with those that have been diagnosed and those still searching for answers about their conditions. Secondly, I do have a few questions...
  5. Geo

    Reading about Viral Diseases

    Go to www. Really Good reading about diseases caused by Viruses. Go to bottom of page see links. Geo (ps) I had to write this in because ALS Forums site wont let me give links. :mad:
  6. Geo

    viruses in bacteria . OK heres a link to show some of my Disbelievers that Viruses do do Bad things . Geo
  7. Geo

    New Mutations of old Diseases

    When we have a disease that we dont cure , we have new Mutations added to them . This is why we have New variants of Staff in Hospitals ,we never found the real cause to begin with . All the money in the world and rescources . and we seem to just Spin our heads . When we find out how Viruses...
  8. Geo

    A Short Note about Viruses

    Keeping in mind that you can put 20,000 viruses on the head of a needle . Once a Virus enters the Human Body and integrates itself, theres no test to date other than a Western Blot can detect it from normal human tissue . Keeping this in mind, like a Computor ,the brain is very similar ...
  9. rocmg

    A well written article on stem cells

    Dear all -- I wanted to post this article that I read on the Irish Times website because I thought it did a good job of discussing the stem cell controversy that rages on. It's the first story I've read on the subject that I think strikes a balance between what the Western Scientists think and...
  10. S

    Concerned about symptoms

    Hi everyone, new user here. First I would like to send out my heartfelt condolences to all those who are suffering with this disease, and their loved ones. A while back I was randomly looking up random things on Wikipedia, and somehow I ended up looking at Lou Gehrig. After reading the...