1. M

    I was finally diagnosed after my father

    This is my previous article link: Hello everyone, I returned after being diagnosed after 6 months of symptoms and tests. My neurologist concluded MND disease after a...
  2. Doglady

    HERV-K suppression study

    Wondering what others may think of the idea of Human Retro Viruses being thought to be a cause of ALS and use of HIV drugs to treat PALS? Info on the study: The clinical...
  3. J

    Male, 35, severe anxiety, fasciculations

    Hi everyone First of all thank you all for keeping this alive with so much info available. This forum is one of the most empathic and caring ones I’ve ever seen. My prayers go to the ones who have been diagnosed and to their caretakers. I am apologizing for this post in advance, I know there...
  4. S

    left leg, right leg, right hand

    Hi all, I would not waste anyone's time on here if I wasn't seriously concerned. I would like to know if any PALS here had such a rapid progression: From late july 2017 until now (oct 2017) I developed a drop foot and subsequent calf/foot atrophy, but my twitching didn't start until the...
  5. C

    Update 2

    Hi, I don`t know if somebody is reading the posts but this is a forum, so I make my updates. Today another EMG, again clear. Doctor MND ALS specialists told me this time - you have obviously tongue atrophy. My tongue is tingling almost 24/7 and when I stretch it - it quivers for 2-3 seconds...
  6. Nikki J

    Dormant viruses triggering SALS?

    Dormant viruses may cause motor neuron disease when awoken | Science | The Guardian Thought this was really interesting
  7. F

    ALS patient Commonalities collection

    I was diagnosed with ALS over two years ago. I am still standing and doing most things on my own. The Department of Veterans Affairs Canada recognizes ALS as service associated, and they have been very helpful and financially supportive. The 90% of us that have the sporadic kind of this disease...
  8. Nikki J


    Developed by Dr. Achilleas Gravanis, Professor of Pharmacology at University of Crete’s School of Medicine, MicroNeurotrophins appear to mimic the beneficial properties of neurotrophins—naturally occurring proteins that help motor neurons develop, grow, function, signal, and even repair...
  9. F

    What do you think caused your ALS?

    Hello I am new. First of all I want to say that I always pray for everyone with this desease. I hope One day there will be a cure for this. God have a big heart and he will give the cure one day. I am wondering what do you think caused your ALS, have you got any viruses (MONO, meningitis, etc)...
  10. catcaniac

    A Year in Review

    April 10th. This morning around 9 am, my husband reminded me by pointing at letters on a sheet of paper while I held his left arm, that today marked the anniversary of his grand mal seizure exactly one year ago. This date will forever be marked in our minds as the day when our lives would...