1. J

    Depressed and Terrified I have ALS

    Hi All, I first want to thank you for the opportunity to voice my concerns as well as my apologies for any inconveniences. To start, my symptoms began a year a ago with some twitching on my stomach. I did a quick google search and Lou Gehrig's Disease came up. At first, I quickly brushed it...
  2. Clearwater AL

    George Gallegos video...

    There is a video on the NBC News web site of George Gallegos who had ALS. It's titled "Choosing the Day." (The screen is black for several seconds before the video starts.)
  3. E

    Strange symptoms

    I want to preface my first post here to say that my concern has led me to investigate about ALS in a way that makes me feel a deep sympathy for everyone affected by ALS (whether in his/her own flesh, or through a family member.) I also want to help those who make this forum possible. I will...
  4. F

    humor on marriage

    . you are never childless when you have a husband. . husbands are the best people to share your secrets with. the will never tell anyone because they aren't even listening. . a slightly drunk woman is watching tv and yells "don't you go there, you dumb bi*ch". her husband asks "what are...
  5. B

    Concerned about ALS

    (Sorry i first posted it by error in the general feed) Hello everyone, first of all thank you for everyone contributing to this forum because I find it quite helpful to read about individual experiences. I am writing here as I have been experiencing different health problems for a while...
  6. E

    On a PLS rating-scale and clinical trials

    Here is an interesting video:
  7. R

    USC inMotion Article

    Hi everyone, I wanted to share an article about my son (Ashton 10) and I (Diagnosed 9/7/17) that USC did on our story this month. I think it came out really cool! Link to the video Link to article inMotion Fall 2018 Shaun
  8. Nikki J

    We came in second!

    For the most googled health concern this year. We meaning ALS not the forum. I am sure some were researching after seeing a story about it affecting or killing a famous person or because someone in their real life was affected somehow. Still I think there must have been plenty of the other...
  9. J

    ALS FEAR - Please help

    Hi All, This is a follow up post after 2 years... original thread below: Hi all, First off, I want to say thank you too all people here taking there time to answer questions for people fearing ALS. The fact that a lot of you have it and take the time out of your day to help people is amazing...
  10. J

    Confused, looking for clarity and perspective

    Hello everyone, I Am brand new to this forum but I would like to take a minute to say thank you all so much for what you are doing to provide support for PALS, CALS and people like myself who are seeking knowledge and peace of mind. I cannot say that I understand all that you're going through...