1. N

    Greetings to All

    Hello Everyone, I've been all over the website now for a while and have read a wealth of information that I have found useful as I negotiate my journey . So a big Thank You to all of the contributors that have taken the time post . Your experiences and knowledge have already helped me as I...
  2. Nikki J

    Webinar about VA and ALS
  3. D

    Compensation and Pension (C&P) exam for an increase SMC payment

    Veterans with ALS need to know that in order to get their special monthly compensation (SMC) increased as their condition worsens they will need to get a Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ) filled out by a doctor of your choice or submit for a C&P exam arranged by the VA. My recent...
  4. jethro

    ALS in US army veterans, official attitude

    hello, can anyone put some light on official attitude of US government: is ALS treated anyhow as a "veteran disease"/is veteran with ALS anyhow different treated, since prevalance of ALS is almost double among veterans. Sorry, I'm from country where war lasted for four years, and nobody ever...
  5. D

    Veterans with ALS need to do these things

    I would tell all veterans that deal with the VA and have been diagnosed with ALS to do the following. 1. Get with the Paralyzed Veterans Association (PVA). Let the PVA fight the VA for you. When I was diagnosed with ALS at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL the ALS Association...
  6. S

    I'm Hoping to help veterans with ALS

    My dad recently passed after a 2 year battle with ALS. I was his only relative, so by default became a caretaker. I spent hundreds of hours on VA benefits and my Dad's wish was for me to help others. I found PVA and DAV in my area to be of very limited help. They basically got me started and...
  7. 1

    VA Compensation for ALS

    Before I ask my question I will give a little background info on my situation. I was injured in the military and have two discs pushing on nerves which causes extreme pain down to left foot. The VA wants to do disc replacement surgery but I have been holding off as long as possible. I was...
  8. M

    Veterans with PLS VA disability

    There are some closed threads on this subject but I am new and need some help. I was recently diagnosed with PLS and am a veteran. I have submitted two letters form neurologists stating that PLS is a variant of ALS. I tried twice to get the VA to grant me disability but they keep denying it...
  9. S

    Scared to Enlist because of ALS

    Hey guys, let me just give you some background before I post. I’m a hypochondriac, and for the past two months I’ve feared als. I’ve had no weakness and a clean neurological exam. My only real symptom is twitching and perceived weakness/atrophy. Anyways, I guess I’m mostly posting to ask what...
  10. L

    I was misdiagnosed - I don't have ALS

    Neurology is a very fine field of diagnosis. My respects to the those in the field. My actual diagnosis is HIV Associated Vacuolar Myelopathy. It runs nearly the same course of ALS, but is a bit faster. It's been over three decades of being HIV positive. I held fast and hard in keeping my...