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  1. D


    Hey Everyone, Since my last post I have been trying to remain confident about the situation in which I seem to find myself in. However, I cannot seem to get over this fear of having some incurable neurological disorder. In the past two years, since the onset of my symptoms, I have seen...
  2. David

    Study Links Neurodegeneration in Head Trauma and ALS

    The following article is written by ALS Society of Canada's science writer, Katie Moisse, PhD. ---- Study Links Neurodegeneration in Head Trauma and ALS Nearly four years since researchers identified the mystery component of toxic protein aggregates in ALS and frontotemporal lobar...
  3. RoadKill

    Brain Trauma Can Mimic ALS

    The New York Times Published: August 17, 2010 Study Says Brain Trauma Can Mimic Lou Gehrig’s Disease By ALAN SCHWARZ In the 71 years since the Yankees slugger Lou Gehrig declared himself “the luckiest man on the face of the earth,” despite dying from a disease that would soon bear his name...
  4. L

    Veterans with ALS

    Hi, My dad just passed away from ALS, and when I asked his nurse what I could do to thank her for her help she said I could try to make more people aware of the benefits for veterans with ALS. So, I am posting in the hopes that this may get to another vet like my dad who did not know of the...
  5. BethU

    Funding for ALS Registry Increased

    Just got this e-mail from ALSA. (Why can't the US go in with this with Canada, Aus, NZ and the UK and get a REAL representative database going? Anyway ... this is a good start!) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ A few minutes ago, the House of...
  6. indigosd

    House votes to increase als registry funding

    Just received this update from ALSA Advocacy! House Votes to Increase ALS Registry Funding Dear Kay Marie, A few minutes ago, the House of Representatives passed legislation that will appropriate an additional $6 million for the National ALS Registry at the Centers for Disease Control and...
  7. ZenArcher

    Score One for Vets

    It's Official! VA to Grant Benefits to All Veterans with ALS We did it! Tomorrow, September 23, the Veterans Administration will publish regulations officially establishing ALS as a service connected disease! Effective immediately, all veterans with ALS will now have access to the highest...
  8. H

    Veterans Study

    The Veterans Administration is conducting an ALS study of living veterans through a current enrollment process. They're collecting medical data and also will inform enrolled veterans about clinical trials of medications. If you're an interested veteran with ALS you can contact them at...