veteran's administration

  1. D

    Veterans with als

    Gulf War, Iraq and Afghanistan veterans with ALS continue to struggle with VA care and benefits. We need help to fix critical issues now. 1. Final Rule 2900-AN60 still sits at OMB while vets are being rated at less than 100 percent. 2. The Family Caregiver Program excludes vets with ALS, and...
  2. A

    The Veteran C & P Evaluation

    HI, I am sure that this has probably been questioned and for the life of me I cannot find it. My husband has ALS and he has gone through the Veteran's Administration. We filed our claim in May of 2011. We finally got to the James Haley VA hospital in Tampa, FL ( Ed was in there 7 days) and we...
  3. Georgia Peach

    House Hunting for Handicapped Accessible Home

    We have lived in our paid off split level house for the past 27 years. Due to my husband's lower limb progression, the six small steps to each level could be a mile in length. I have looked at a variety of ranch homes in our area and nothing fits the bill. If we buy a house that needs the...