1. L

    Equipment rental in Orlando

    Has anyone used Orlando Medical Rentals ? Needing to rent a lift and rolling shower chair for vacation . Any help gratefully received .
  2. Bestfriends14

    A question for PALS

    Hello, My husband has just ended his clinical trial (he dropped out March 28th) for Pimozide. Apparently, he's not progressed in his right leg or arm since last September but has only slightly in his left leg, which is his drop foot leg. However, I am finding it harder and harder to believe...
  3. W

    looking for advice about my symptoms

    Hi All, can't believe I have arrived at this point. First let me say my heart goes out to all that have been diagnosed with this awful disease. I have the a ton of respect for all who work hard to support people like me with whatever they may be going through. I will try to keep this short...
  4. chally


    Just spent four days at a high end resort called “ the greenbrier” which is 10 mi from our house. A real vacation for us now has to be close and this place has it all quite, relaxing,food,swim,massage tea time, movies, gambling, music etc Need to spoil my cals once in awhile!
  5. J

    Help. Symptoms are terrifying me. 31 y.o. make.

    3 weeks ago while on vacation I develop tingling on outside of left foot and hand. Week 2 That continued and turned into pain in left arm and cramping along inside and outside of elbow into hand ( ulnar nerve ?). This limited mobility in my hand and cramped my thumb, pinky and ring finger. Pain...
  6. NothingButLove

    In about 6 hours, my wife will have a feeding tube

    In about 6 hours, my wife will have a RIG placed at UCI's radiology suite. What a crazy two months. It all started on August 1st. Here's a brief run down: FVC down to 44% from 87% four months earlier. Doctor prescribes Trilogy. (Thank you Laurie for the settings!) Wife takes vacation with her...
  7. Lkaibel

    A Place to Speak My Truths

    That is what this forum is to me. I am happy for any constructive, supportive things I can do for others but I honestly just love how I can say what I mean here about my own life. People ask me how Brian is, bless their hearts. I appreciate it, and I say he is okay/stable. I may change that to...
  8. J

    Concerning symptoms, losing hope

    Hi all, Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this. I am going to do my best to keep this succinct. Any help and feedback is tremendously appreciated. Here is what's going on: In 2011 I lost my mother to ALS. In 2009 my grandmother passed away from MS. I am 26 years old, and...
  9. B

    Independance Conspiracy

    I am really pissed off, but will try to go easy on your ears.:-( Last week my son went on vacation and took his wife and 3 daughters with him. The oldest daughter stayed with us because she had some dance class rehearsals and didn't want to miss out, she is 14 and absolutely beautiful. My...
  10. E

    Puzzling symptoms. Worried sick.

    I previously posted a thread regarding some weird physical symptoms which i have been experiencing. 38 year old male. Approximately 8 weeks ago noticed some twitching in forearms and biceps. Twitching would occur typically after exertion, but also when muscles were at rest. Twitching was...