1. PDaddy


    I am probably going to get a tat on my vacation in Hawaii (NEXT WEEK!) and was just wondering if there is any medical issue why I shouldn't get a tattoo on my leg which isn't fasiculating yet. If I asked for one on my arm, the twitching would scare the tattoo artist away!
  2. PDaddy


    In three weeks we are taking a long-over due vacation - to Hawaii. My legs are still fine (very rare fasciculations there but my arms are weaker and weaker. I had my first FVC/FVL test last week and hit 90%, that sounds good to me. In college (many years ago) I played waterpolo so I think...
  3. P

    Keeping progression slow

    Obviously, the first thing on mind of those with early stage of slow-progressing ALS is what they can do to keep progresson slow. Unfortunately, in most cases the answer probably is that it is not something they could control. Still, there were quite a few posts desribing events that rapidly...
  4. C

    Having a REALLY bad day...

    Hello friends. Thank goodness for you all. I had 2 rotten things happened to me today and I am not a happy camper tonight! First of all, I saw a local pulmonary doc this morning because the results of my Pulmonary function test picked up "mild" trouble expelling air. The Doc said that, IHP...
  5. D

    VACATIONING with ALS - HELP we have never done it before

    Hello! Every year my family for 22 years has gone to the beach for vacation. This year my husband (the one with ALS) at first would not let me plan or schedule anything. I finally have him over that and we are going through all the planning. Here is what is in front of me - but I don't know...
  6. R


    Does anyone have experience with renting condos in Pcb Fl. What I want to know is if they have ramps to the beach, beach wheelchair, accessible shower etc. Thanks for any help. Rhonda
  7. D

    Hero Update 1

    Okie so I told you yall that my dad had an appointment on the 15th...well that was pushed back untill the 7th of March because the doctor went on vacation. Why do they need to go on vacation when they were going to diagnose my dad? That made me soooooo upset:evil:. But what can you do, I guess...
  8. F

    Symptoms and other Possible Causes

    Hi Everyone, I applaud you all for fighting on and also for the compassion you share on this forum. I've been reading for a while and thought it was time to post before I lose my mind completely. I'm 43 (M) and a father of 1 son, with another (son) on the way this May. Live in NJ...
  9. olly


    just to let you know linda on pls friends sends her best wishes and hopes you are doing well.she is on vacation in hawaii at the moment.
  10. trying to stay positive

    Make a Wish Foundation for adults?

    Hi everyone and happy new year. I tried doing a thread/post search on this, but it kept saying I wasn't using at least 3 words & to try again. So I will ask here. You guys know everything anyway!:-D Has anyone heard of any organization like the Make A Wish Foundation for children, only for...