1. Kristina1

    renting wheelchair van on vacations

    I'm having a hard time finding wheelchair van rentals based on a google search. Is it possible to rent a van when you fly somewhere and want to use your pwc while there? My manual chair is not good for more than short uses.
  2. J

    Struggling but trying to be realistic

    I have talked myself out of posting here 100 times. I have read all the stickies and am well aware of what they are saying and am trying to wrap my head around believing them. With that being said here is what is going on with me 33 yr old female with a precious 1 year old girl. 6 mos ago I...
  3. A

    My mother’s diagnosis

    Hello to all, As I’m sure everyone here can understand, I never thought I would need to post on this forum. My only knowledge of ALS was through the ice bucket challenge! My 70 year old mother was diagnosed with ALS at the beginning of August this year. I first noticed something wasn’t quite...
  4. J

    Getting really scared.

    Hello people, thanks for taking your time to read this and I hope you are enjoying life as much as you can. Before anything I must say that I read this post: But I...
  5. J

    19 years old, is this ALS?

    Hi, I am 19 years old, I do have health anxiety, and I have been pretty stressed for the past 3 months. The problem is, about 4 weeks ago, I started twitching in my right shoulder, it came out of nowhere while using the computer. Lasted for a few minutes and vas visible, not in a pattern...
  6. Bestfriends14

    Problematic in-laws

    Hello, I would like to get some feedback on an issues that my poor husband has faced with his parents. In short, his parents took off and moved 4 hours away when my husband was in a bad way from a clinical trial he was on. They didn't tell him they were moving, and after 8 days of them being...
  7. C

    I finally figured out my diagnosis, AND...

    I have struggled with seeing many different symptoms pop up over the course of 3 years. From difficulting eating to twitching calves muscles to twitching tongue. I tried everything and nothing work. I had an EMG, and was about to go in for an MRI. But I figure it out beforehand, AND.... I don't...
  8. J

    Just looking for reassurance.

    Irrational, I know, but I'm extremely worried. I do have GAD. I'm a 28 year old Male. Tuesday I started having twitches in both of my calves. They are pretty much constant all day long. They happen in other parts of both legs and feet, but predominantly in the calves. I dont have any problems...
  9. F

    New One ? ?

    “My wife told me: “Sex is better while on vacation.” . That wasn’t a nice postcard to receive.” - Joe Bor
  10. D

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