1. Zaphoon

    Clearing Any Confusion

    Every now-and-again, a newbie will respond to my old thread, "Undiagnosed Please Read This" and it will suddenly come alive again. In that post, I had just returned from an appointment with a university neurology clinic after having my 2nd round of EMG/NCV testing in less than a month. I was...
  2. Zaphoon

    Encouraging Call From The VA

    My phone rang this morning and the caller ID read, "U.S. Government" so I picked up on it (yep, I screen my calls every now and again...). The voice on the other end was a female social worker from the V.A. that handles spinal cord, ALS, PLS and other debilitating cases. I had just finished...
  3. boblandstar1

    Choosing a power wheelchair

    Choosing a wheelchair is a major decision. Making the right choices is essential in determining your long term happiness with your chair as well as factors like comfort,maneuverability,dependability and long term usefulness. In my experience most prosthetic people are not educated about the...
  4. T

    Military veterans.

    I was wondering if any of you have filed for V.A. disability benefits? I am in the process of filing a claim for my PLS and was wondering what to expect? Also, how long did it take from start to finish to get a final response? I filed my claim back in 02/08 online. Finally, last week they sent...