1. A

    Tobii with eye gaze

    I've been looking to buy a Tobii with eye gaze technology for my mother who lives in Brazil. Unfortunately her insurance in Brazil doesn't cover this equipment. Any leads for purchasing one here in the USA, would be very appreciated.
  2. worrieddaughter77

    My dad is still kicking, but recently got the flu.

    Hello, Sorry I've been away from the forum for a long time. Two teenagers, one baby, and full time care of my dad (shared with my mom) was tough.. And then... We decided to move from the USA to Finland. It was my husband's idea actually... He dragged us in June 2018 because he thought we could...
  3. jethro

    Slurred vs slow speech

    my speech quality falls rapidly. i tried to find exact reason for that: touch my nose with tongue (i can), it (tongue) has lateral fibrilations, but not atrophy, eat better than before (gained 3 kg), swallow ok, whistling ok, no more caugh... finally, they checked my mouth with emg, it is ok. my...
  4. M

    Want to buy used tobii eye gaze dynavox

    Dears, I am looking Tobii eye gaze dynavox for my 5 years old daughter, she has brain trauma and Tobii would be great for communication. But we do not leave in USA and insurance doesn't cover it. If you have one for sale pls contact me. All the best Maria.
  5. N

    Constant Calf Twitching - A Bit Concerned

    Hi Everyone - I’m a 30yr old male (USA) and have relatively had good health my entire life. About 8 months ago I was suffering some symptoms that were thought to be Lyme/MS related and after testing, I was negative for both and given a bill of clean health from my Neurologist. Fast forward to...
  6. C

    Please respond, afraid of als

    Hi,first I want to say to those affected by this disease you are such incredible fighters, all the best to you all... you deserve every bit of it. I came across this forum for the 1st time 3 months ago but only now I'm actually posting here,please try to be comprehensible thanks. I should...
  7. L

    Outer Space Jokes

    Q: What is a spaceman's favorite chocolate? A: A marsbar! Q: Why did the sun go to school? A: To get brighter! Q: How do you know when the moon has enough to eat? A: When it's full. Q: What kind of music do planets sing? A: Neptunes! Q: What's a light-year? A: The same as a regular...
  8. jethro

    Now, after all, can I bring my cause of ALS?

    hi, since i am diagnosed, i sit at home, go to gym/spa, like i used to do in past 20 years learning about als, read pubmed, alsuntangled... i am not eligible for nurown trial. i am not usa/canada resident, im 50 y old, 210 pounds weight for last 10 years (i felt and i had left elbow luxation...
  9. N

    Med-Lift Power Assist Recliner Chair for Sale- Western North Carolina (Asheville area

    Chair is located in Burnsville, NC near Asheville in Western North Carolina. Med-Lift Recliner Chair for Sale, 2553 series. This recliner is in great condition and was used with a cover and in a cigarette smoke free home. This chair is great for anyone who could use assistance getting into or...
  10. P


    Is Radicava turning out to be one of the biggest FDA Boondoggles ever? I am being hammered with phone calls and emails to sign up for this drug. My doctor believes there is not enough information yet. It seems strange to me the approval and distribution of this drug is based on an Asian study of...