ulcerative colitis

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    Is it als?

    Hi everyone I'm helmut 38 from Canada. I've been dealing with a lot of symtoms since July. They all came at once. Wondering if anyone can help me out. First I felt off balance like I've drank 3 beers feeling. I can walk with no issues no vertigo..some days are abit better. I have lower...
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    Does my husband have ALS

    Feb'15 my husband started having fasciculation's. July'15 he noticed weakness in his left hand. Oct'15 he visited a neuromuscular dr at Cleveland Clinic who mentioned that my husband has more fasciculation's than he's seen in years. However a 3 hour EMG was clean and there were no noticeable...
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    Still fearing the worst

    I posted a week or so ago about some things happening to my body. Last year I posted and got positive feedeback. What really worries me is the skin or muscles on my face sag and if I move my head to one side there is a big divet in my cheek and and I can see the ripples of my skin as there is no...
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    Further questions on my condition

    I first want to thank everyone for your responses regarding my condition. Summary: - since July 2008 twitching started, emg normal - March 2008 Ulcerative colitis flare up - On prednisone until Dec 15, 2008 - January 2009 experiencing some weakness lots of twitching FEB 09 emg ok - constant head...
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    PEG and ostomy?

    This is a long shot, but I thought I'd give it a try anyway! Dad had an ileostomy way back in 1977 (as a result of ulcerative colitis) and had the majority of his intestines removed. We're working with his ALS neurologist and a gastroenterologist to see if they can make a PEG tube work. Dad...
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    Asking for assisstance on my health problem

    I've posted before and got positive feedback from some kind hearted people. I'm again asking for some help to things going on with my body. Last year I was on prednisone for 8 months because my gastro spec didn't know what to do as I have ulcerative colitis and I was bleeding a bit and she did...
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    I don't know if I have ALS or not

    Could anyone help me? I have ulcerative colitis and in July 2005 I had a flare up and then in Sept 2005 I developed this pressure in the back of my head and neck. I was prescibed prednisone for my colitis and my colitis went into remission but my head pressure remained and felt better when I...
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    Humor And Hope

    Hi Everyone, My name is Janice and this may come as a shock to some of you but here goes: I am a 45 year old married mom of two great kids. I have had a lot of tragedy in my family; my sister died at age 41 of breast cancer, I have lost 25 family members to ALS, including my dad at 57. My...
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    What TCM treats

    Western Diseases Treated by Oriental Medicine in Present-day China Note: In the source texts these diseases are differentiated according to TCM. For example, the single western disease asthma could be due to Lung Qi Deficiency, or Kidneys Not Grasping Qi, or Wind-Heat Invasion of the Lungs...