twitching arm

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    Numbness, muscle twitching, and no diagnosis? Read this.

    This post is for those who are currently experiencing numbness and muscle twitching and, like me, tend to automatically assume the worst case scenario. I felt compelled to write this a year and a half after first experiencing neurological issues because #1, it seems that a lot of folks who...
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    Possibly ALS?

    Hi everyone! I'm a 16 year old feamle and for the past three weeks I've been experiencing symptoms that have gotten me worried about ALS. Three weeks ago I started twitching in my leg which was especially worse when I was resting. A couple days later they spread to my other leg, my stomach...
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    Increase of twitching

    Hi, Over a year ago I got the diagnosed BFS. I'm twitching 24/7 in both calves and widespread a couple every hour. Now my twitching has increased and mainly in my both arm. I now get twitches every 30 seconds in each arm. Does this increase of twitching point to ALS? Can in still be 'bfs' if...