tube feeding

  1. S

    Nutri bag

    Anyone use other than single use of Nutri bag for tube feeding? I am trying to look for option for more environmental friendly and save up some supply cost. I am thinking of 500 ml glass syringe or nutri bottle with food grade plastic but seem no commercial product out there in the market. You...
  2. Chincoteaguer

    Sleeping and tube feeding

    Sibyl has been sleeping a lot these past few days and definetly losing her concentration - she picks up her white board and magic marker and then just lays them on her stomach, etc. I have been letting her sleep thru her feeding times and when she does wake up she will only let me feed her...
  3. P

    support for children and grandchildren of PALS

    I was personally very grateful to see a camp offerred to the minor children and grandchildren of PALS. As a CALS I was overwhelmed with gratitude when I saw the notice. Just wonderful, I thought, I wept and sent the notice on to my daughters in law who might want to participate with our...
  4. M

    Reflux or what?

    The last week or so my PALS would have some coughing after finishing a gravity tube feeding. It seemed as if some formula was coming up by reflux and causing him to cough. It was brief and would resolve. I made sure he was at 45 degrees at least while receiving a feeding and for 45 minutes...
  5. M

    New to BIpap Question

    My PALS received his Bipap machine yesterday. It is a Philips "Dream Station" Bipap S/T. It is from the VA, so we have added layers of admin when dealing with info etc. so I thought I'd ask here first. The respiratory tech who brought it said my PALS is to wear it at night only right now...
  6. C

    Tube feeding side effects? Which Formula?

    I have a feeding tube that I currently use for my meds. I see the day approaching where I will need to start using it for nutrition. What are the side effects? Will it be diarrhea after every feed? What formulas are best to reduce diarrhea? Ive heard of gravity feeding and a pump....HELP...
  7. dkcarl62

    Sleeping all the time

    Greetings friends, Asking for your input for a increasing concerning problem. I can't stay awake. I fall asleep while getting my nails clipped, taking a tube feeding, in the middle of writing an email, in the middle of doing exercises. It doesn't matter if I just woke up, I could go right...
  8. rose

    A petition you should be aware of

    I don't know how many of you are familiar with the ENFit connector for tube feeding, (and the behind the scenes maneuvering by GEDSA). I cannot even imagine what some of you must go through trying to screw the darned parts of the ENFIT connectors together. I've never used ENFit, and have a...
  9. A


    Hi. What is anyone taking for reflux via tube feeding? Have been on Prilosec powder for suspension, but now with Medicare prescription plan it costs a fortune. Looking for other alternatives. Any suggestions? Thanks
  10. M

    How do you know when the end is near?

    My mom has been declining quickly in the last few months. Recently she's been unable to walk from her bedroom to the bathroom across the hall so we transport her in a chair. She's already started hospice which has been a great help. I have an awful feeling that the end is near. She's been...