trouble swallowing

  1. D

    Twitching, throat issues and uncooperative hands

    Hi everyone, thanks for letting me join the forums. :smile: 31 year old male here. My story begins in the end of february, before this my only health issues were constantly feeling a bit tired and some back pains I've been having for some while. After february my body has been acting up in...
  2. K

    Just looking for input

    Hi, I am posting about symptoms that I have been seeing in my father over the last 2 years. He is 73. He started having trouble swallowing his food about 2 years ago. He seen several doctors, and had a scope done, and it was brushed off as aging. He was told to chew his food better, and...
  3. R


    Hello everyone kind of a general question. I’ve had twitching all over my body now mainly calves constantly and small cramps pins/needles in hands the feet last 4 months. The last two months or so I have internal vibration tremor all the time which is starting to drive me insane. It’s very...
  4. S

    Concerned about Bulbar symptoms and respiratory issues

    Hello Everyone, I have been on here before but tried to stay off, last time i logged on was in 2016. I will keep this short as i have been getting some new symptoms and need some advice. I have voice hoarseness issues which come and go but my voice been bad for almost 4 months especially my...
  5. Nuts

    Silent Aspiration

    We are four years in---why had I not heard of silent aspiration before today? Between November and January, hubby went through three rounds of pneumonia and one case of flue. It's been tough, but he's doing better. He was explaining to the Speech Therapist that he went through weeks of...
  6. J

    Early Bulbar symptoms?

    Hey guys, so I really want you to bear with me. I tend to be a hypochondriac but this is the worst I’ve ever ago. I’ve had bad anxiety for the past couple weeks, but ive noticed twitching all over my body. From hands, to feet thighs shoulders etc. I’ve also had bad cramping that comes off and on...
  7. S

    Feeding tube declined

    My Dad is now at the stage that he is having trouble swallowing. He can still walk and talk (minimally) but his main issues are with breathing and now swallowing. He has declined the feeding tube twice, last time was in August when he went to the appointment for the tube surgery and an hour in...
  8. B

    Possible Onset Bulbar Palsy

    Hello ALS community, my name is Bill. First I would like to say how saddening it is to read people's stories and how brave they are fighting the various symptoms of ALS or other MND's. Good luck and God bless to all of you. My symptoms actually started about 8 months ago wo even knowing it, I...
  9. A

    Scary Symptoms for 2.5 Years

    EDIT: Should also mention I have been taking SSRIs for anxiety since last year's scare with the MRI. Hi everyone, I’m Amanda, a 25-year-old female and have been experiencing symptoms since April 2015. And guys, the anxiety is real. I have (yet another) doctor appointment booked for this...
  10. Q

    Swallowing Issues (ALS Related?) Please Help.

    Hi, I want to start by saying I am aware that this is a very serious illness and am in no way trying to make a mockery out of it, however, I'm here because I'm trying to educate myself on the disease to better assess whether I have it, what my risks are etc. The last couple of months I've...
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