1. F

    rilutek/riluzole supply chain

    both the Atlanta va pharmacy and express scripts(Tricare program) have rilutek/riluzole on backorder. anyone else having the problem ? ? appears strange that both pharmacies would have the meds on backorder.
  2. Jhettinger

    VA vs Tricare Coverage Discussion

    Just to start this discussion, I am researching What tri care will pay vs what the VA covers.So for instance, if the VA offers me a wheelchair that seems minimal, can I opt out for personal healthcare insurance coverage of a better wheelchair. My experience with the VA has been; the wheeled...
  3. Jhettinger

    Medical Insurance VA & Tricare negotiations for home care

    I am 61 years old and use both tricare & VA for healthcare Is there some advice on how to negotiate the best deal on home health care. My wife is physically not able to do it with her current illness. I am not in need just yet I just want to get a plan together for the future. Thanks in...
  4. starente15

    Anyone know how TriCare works?

    Howdy folks. I just visited my parents and got my hands on all the contact info (emails and phone numbers) to try to stay on top of the VA process (what a nightmare!). I haven't yet found out how ordering a power wheelchair through the VA works. If it's paid through TriCare, Hospice can...
  5. D

    Problem VA visit

    Took my PAL (S-?) to the Prescott, AZ VA Hospital SCI clinic this week after waiting 6 weeks for appt. as they are designated as his primary. Scheduled for 2 hours but only got over one as "they" had scheduled another patient in his time. No doc, just a condescending Nurse Practitioner "who had...
  6. T

    Nearest ALS Clinic in Nebraska

    I just moved to Kearney (right smack in the middle of) Nebraska. I switched my insurance over from TRICARE north to TRICARE prime remote via TRICARE west and will go for the required PCM visit to get referred to a Neuro, to get referred to an ALS clinic hopefully. Can anyone recommend one in the...
  7. C

    VA questions for spouses of deceased vets

    Dad passed away peacefully after a few year battle with ALS a week ago. He was a retired Air Force pilot and was receiving 100% disability through the VA. Mom is overwhelmed with what to do now... for those that have been down this road, can you please provide me with a list or suggestions on...
  8. E

    Army retirement & health benefit ?s

    My husband is still in the Army reserves. We are fighting for retirement rather than discharge bc he has ALS both for the respect he & other Veterans deserve as well as the health benefits the boys & I will receive. I have a few ?s: 1) is tricare prime better than champva? 2) How does one get...