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    Need help with some symptoms

    Hi everyone! First I wanted to say a huge thank you for these forums and the time you put up with a lot of people with symptoms that are in need of help. That said, now to my condition: My name is Felipe I'm a 30 M who lives in Brazil. I've started with a fasciculation outbreak on my whole...
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    My story

    Hi all. Here's my story. Please let me know what you think. Thanks in advance. I am 55 female. Started having finger, hand, and toe cramping at least 17 years ago. I also had body wide twitching. Was worried cuz I was due to have a kidney transplant surgery with general anesthesia and was...
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    2 emg's, still not convinced

    Keeping it short, I have three questions. 1. I’ve had two emg’s done by two different neurologists. I didn’t think the first one was done correctly and I’m worried the second one wasn’t either. The second neurologist did the emg at my request because of my ALS worries and also to test the...
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    Don’t know where to turn, very worrying set of symptoms

    Hi everyone and thanks for taking the time to read my post. I am currently crippled by the fear that my worsening symptoms suggest ALS. For a time I put them down to anxiety but I can no longer accept that explanation as everything just seems too coincidental. It all started in August- I...
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    Probably concerned about nothing

    Hi, Firstly thanks for anyone who takes time to respond, Ive read the sticky and tried to avoid posting until now but I'd just like opinions from you experienced people. After that I wont be a person the posts and post, I assure you. So, me, 34 year old male keep pretty fit and healthy and not...
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    Looking for opinions

    Hello, I am writing with all my respect to people who are dealing with this terrible disease. Two months ago I suffered a big motorcycle accident. Broken transverse process Th1, first rib, and etc. I am writing as I have read on this forum about people who think their ALS was cause by a...
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    concerned symptoms.....not sure what to think

    Hello, First off, I had been lurking here for about a year now and read the sticky note and that is why I haven’t posted anything yet. My thoughts and prayers are with you all who have this disease! My situation is a little different and would love for you some advice. Even if you told me to...
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    In need of advice

    Hi. First of my heart goes out to all who are affected by such a terrible disease, friends and family members included. Now, I have been having an array of symptoms for sometime now. I am currently awaiting my appt for my Emg and I am a bit nervous. I would appreciate any advice about whether...
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    Waiting diagnosis trying to help husband understand.

    Hello I am looking for some guidance and help for my husband right now. We are in the process of trying to get a diagnosis or at least pointed in the right direction. About 5 weeks ago he began to feel some pain in his shins on both legs, the right side felt a little more tender to touch mid...
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    Just wondering opinions. I do have trouble chewing, swallowing, and have a jaw tremor.