1. A

    Update and advice needed

    I had hoped that I would be able to report back with some kind of diagnosis, but unfortunately I still do not have one. Timeline since my last post: -went to a podiatrist. Has a foot MRI which showed all sorts of things such as tendinopathy, mucoid degeneration, joint effusions, tenosynovitis...
  2. Scotiaspirit

    Partnership Treatments

    I was reading about an organization called ALSWORLDWIDE dot org who purports to work with ALS Patients, their families and healthcare providers. One of my local PALS friends has parted with a considerable sum of money, for some of their supplements and treatments. I have read somewhere where...
  3. B

    Is this ALS

    This is my first post here, I am a 43 year old mom of 7 so I'm sure like most I can't help but think this can't be happening to me....My symptoms began in October of 2017 with constant headaches and a dull ache in my back shoulder area I seen my GP dr. Who sent me to get a ct scan of my...
  4. R

    NP001 Neuraltus LOS ANGELES–An experimental drug that regulates inflammation and showed a strong signal in a pilot study in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) failed to...
  5. J

    NurOwn starts today!

    everything is ready, as far as i know, there should be 3 treatments, every 6 months. placebo and real drug. after 1. there will be difference, after second injection, difference should be visible well, after 3. (1,5yrs). everything will be clear. anybody has idea how much will treatment cost if...
  6. B

    Article about demographics etc for ALS reversals (Dr. Bedlack)

    I follow Dr. Bedlack on twitter and this popped up yesterday....really interesting. Makes me want to try some of the supplements they mentioned: "The odds of taking curcumin, luteolin, cannabidiol, azathioprine, copper, glutathione, vitamin D, and fish oil were higher for cases than for...
  7. Chincoteaguer

    Dog and human sleep study - ranting

    Just heard on the news the effects of dogs sleeping with humans. Humans do not sleep as well but dogs sleep better. Wow! I wonder how this most important study was funded. Probably a government grant. I like dogs and they are therapeutic but am I alone in thinking this study and many others...
  8. J

    new treatments

    My husband died at age 60 from ALS with FTD in 2008. His brother died a few days ago. he was 66 and he had the same symptoms but was never diagnosed. Are there any new treatments for this?
  9. C

    New member, help with itch

    Hello to all! I am a 42 year old caregiver of my MIL with ALS. Recently she has been experiencing a lot of itching in her diaper region and her legs. mostly the waist, and where the diaper rubs most. We have tried diaper rash creams, hydrocortisone creams, and benadryl. Does anyone know of...
  10. L

    Radicava Ports and Infusion

    Good Morning, Posting on behalf of my cousin who has ALS. She's gotten approval for Radicava and is having a port put in on Friday to start treatment. She has some questions about the placement of the port, home infusions, etc. Anyone who has already started treatments and has any information to...