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    Recommend a good transfer Chair

    My wife has a Permobil C300 but prefers to have me push her around the house in a transfer chair. The one we have is old and in need of being replaced. Can anyone recommend a good dependable, sturdy, comfortable, etc..... transfer chair..:) I want to purchase one online but have no idea which...
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    BARTON Medical TRANSFER WHEELCHAIR Used by caregivers to transfer patient with greater ease to many different locations and positions. Brand new cost was $6,500 and we are asking $2,500 OBO. My mother in law had ALS and these items are things these patients and their caretakers must have. For a...
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    New Forum Participant

    Hi, All, I've been a member of the ALS Forums for a while and even posted a question or two. But this is the first time I've posted to this subforum. I'm the primary caretaker of a good friend of mine, Patti. She was official diagnosed in November 2013, and she's been living with me since...
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    Wheelchair Van Alternatives (Temporary)?

    We're in process for getting a wheelchair van. It should be another month. Patti doesn't have her rehab chair yet (also in process), but as of this week, she can't reliably stand at all. I'm moving her around in a fold-up transfer chair. (Up to now, she could transfer into a car using the door...