1. D

    Dynavox vmax with eye max --SOLD

    this system was purchased brand new and used for less than 1yr. It comes with all of the manuals, the eye max attachment, two chargers, mouse, and the rolling stand. total cost was over $8000. Asking $3500 OBO Bluetooth® via accessory for use with Bluetooth wireless keyboards and...
  2. C

    Need some Feedback about eye tracking systems

    Hello all, First I apologize if this is the wrong place to post, as my questions arent really about direct research, I dont know where to post. Before I post my question, I think a bit of a background to why I post this, is needed. I am a biomedical engineer student at a university working...
  3. PDaddy

    ALS is a Money Pit

    $ First I needed a device to help me turn the key when I was driving. And a device to help open soda cans. And light weight plastic cups I can hold $$ Wrist braces so I can use my computer. A toilet seat raisEr. $$$ A sliding shower chair. A SmartNav head tracker. $$$$ A shower-chair/commode...
  4. I

    EyeTech Eye tracker

    Hey, I'd like to buy a new or used EyeTech Eye tracker. If you have such a device to sell, please feel free to contact me. Also, if you have any idea where I can find it for a cheap price I'd be delighted to hear from you. Thanks, Ilan e-mail: [email protected]
  5. PDaddy

    head tracker

    I have a SmartNav now! Dynavox later.
  6. boblandstar1

    Dynavox Eyemax

    Just received the new Dynavox Eyemax . What a fantastic device! The eye tracker is unbelievable. It is very accurate, fast and easy to set up and calibrate. Features: Fully customizable. Compatable with win XP and Mac. Many voices to choose from. Operates on eyeblink,touch...
  7. T

    **Communicate using the most accurate eye tracking technology available**

    I would like to introduce myself, my name is Chris LeBlanc and I am an Augmentative Communication specialist for a company called tobii ATI _based out of Boston Mass. and I cover all of New England. I am writing this because I have evaluated many people diagnosis with ALS recently on our new...