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    Technology gives more possiblities for a meaningful life

    Hello, I am a Canadian who has been living in Sweden for many years. I have lived with MND for over a year now and have received excellent service from both the doctors who made the diagnosis and the ALS team that has supported me after that diagnosis was made. My main question is regarding my...
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    Do you have a tracheotomy?

    My sister was diagnosed with ALS in Jan. 2005. Her speech was her first symptom. The muscles in her mouth, throat and tongue progressed rapidly. She has now lost the ability to communicate verbally. A feeding tube was placed in July and she was advised never to take anything by mouth. In...
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    As i am sure most of you know i have refused a trach however my reasoning or lack of same is not meant to influence. I have just read a wonderful post on BT by Harry AZ and he said i could share it;
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    Hallo from across the Athlantic

    Hi, I'm new here. I'm glad I found this forum. At the begining, sorry for bad english :D My father also has been diagnosed with ALS 5 years ago. He can't do anything by himself. For a few weeks he is breathing harder and he started to whispering. He has problem with some kind of secretion from...