1. rcharlton

    Mitochondrial Insufficiency - say what?

    Here's another summary from an interesting recent article. Lists some familiar supplements (stay the course) and offers some hope. Just for fun - try saying "Orthomolecular" 5 times fast. 1: Altern Med Rev. 2005 Dec;10(4):268-293. Related Articles, Links Neurodegeneration from...
  2. R

    Ridding Toxins

    My husband was diagnosed 2 weeks ago. He is 38. We are going to fight it as much as possible with diet, supplements and exercise. Anyone else try this route? We have the Eric is Winning book. ** DETOX IS A KNOWN SCAM ** don't waste your money
  3. P

    Glyconutrients - The Missing Link?

    Has anyone(know someone) tried this? (Glyconutrient Supplimentation) Was it effective? Any thoughts? The following is an excerpt of an article by Peter Smith and Kelly Ramsey The authors explain that, according to the newly emerging technology of glycobiology (the study of sugars), it could be...
  4. B

    How Aspartame Causes Lou Gehrigs

    Aspartame and Lou Gehrigs disease Aspartame damages the cardiac conduction system and causes sudden death. The article below (Team Targets Sudden Cardiac Death) might as well have been written about this toxin because it describes the problem this killer causes. Tragic reports from Iraq...