1. irismarie


    Taking another angle from Beths post about toxins.........I researched into giving my body as Beth has done - but I have to PAY 400 euros for them to have it. I call that scandalous!Have you had to pay for giving your body away, Beth? (Afterwards they burn the remains and "scatter them...
  2. Blubear

    My dad is now better than when he was diagnosed in Sept. 09!

    There is a lot of doom and gloom here so I thought I would post some positive news. My dad, (age 70) was diagnosed in Sept. 09 with Bulbar onset. His speech was slurred, he had problems choking in his sleep and was having problems walking up hills. Of course after he was diagnosed, like we...
  3. BethU

    why don't researchers care about toxins?

    Not that I am one of the amalgam nuts ... to the contrary, I think most of that is a bunch of hooey ... but it is my understanding that where science currently stands on the cause of ALS is that it is three genes behaving badly along with some environmental triggers. I signed the forms to...
  4. J


    anybody heard of herbs that help with als like something that takes bad toxins out of are bodies
  5. T

    My Mom just diagnosed with ALS.

    Hi there, My family was devastated on Dec 22, 2009 with the news that our mother and wife was diagnosed with ALS. My Mom is a young 69 year old, that has been healthy for all of her life. Just a few months ago she started complaining about not having ability to grip items with her hands as...
  6. S

    Is this ALS?

    My mother,63, was diagnosed with ALS 3 weeks ago. The Neurologist is not completely sure of this though, because she is having some odd symptoms that have happened so quickly. Started about 2 years ago she lost some weight, we all thought because whe no longes was excercising in her pool that...
  7. joelc

    Pesticides in Food

    I came across this and thought it was interesting enough to post. For those that are concerned about toxins and pesticides it might be something you want to know. FoodNews: Shopper's Guide to Pesticides The Full List: 47 Fruits & Veggies RANK FRUIT OR VEGGIE SCORE 1 (worst) Peach...
  8. L

    nitrosative stess

    hi there has anybody ever heard about the correlation of nitrosative stress and ALS? some say that all multifactorial deseases have nitrosative stress as background. After this NS seems to be linked with sensibility on the effects of toxins like lead and mercury or bacteria like cyanobacteria.
  9. BethU

    New clinical trials

    Just had my three-month check up at UCLA clinic and I asked if there are any new clinical trials coming up, and my neuro said they have two scheduled. One starts soon ... this summer ... and is for an anti-viral drug. This sounded very interesting to me, just because I think some "thing" has to...
  10. G


    Hello! Anyone know if there is any relation with 'gallbladder' and ALS? I read that removal of gallbladder could be good due less toxins,... Does it make sense? I do not think so... :?: Be well, GGKK