1. tripete

    Muscle Toxicity

    Carey (my ever hopeful, beautiful, wife) recently found this article showing a relationship between a strain of RNA and muscles toxicity. It seems to imply that the muscles are causing the issue that kills the neurons and not the neurons killing the muscles. In the mice they were able to hault...
  2. S

    Oops.. spilled Radicava on bedspread and sheets

    Called my pharmacist, since it’s late at night and none of the Radicava or Mitsubishi people are in. I asked if there is toxicity in Radicava rubbing directly on skin. Pharmacist had no clue Any of you want to take a guess? We rinsed tHe sheets and covers with water and we’re letting them dry. Sue
  3. B

    Frighten and feeling foolish

    In January had numbness and feeling of something in the pads of both my feet, g p sent me to a neurologist who did and emg. Told me i had neuropathy from diabetes and b6 toxicity. I tend to be a worry wort even at 65 . My a1c has never been over 6.5 and have never had high numbers in glucose...
  4. A


    MND Australia - Title Trials potentially to start 2019 in Australia & elsewhere on MND/ALS patients. Safety trials to start 2018 on healthy people to test toxicity.
  5. N

    Do I have ALS?

    Hi, im not one to post things on forums like this but I am really concerned with the symptoms im experiencing. A few months ago I gave my dog a flea treatment on the following day I pat her in the area where I administered it, at the time I was suffering from hay fever and I stupidly rubbed my...
  6. M

    Checking for Metal Toxicity through Hair Analysis

    Hello the book Eric Winning suggests that metal toxicity can be a contributing factor for ALS he suggests Hair Analysis for this. Any thoughts or experience on this is welcome. Also does anyone have any suggestions for a reputable Diagnostic Lab for the Hair Analysis Test in the Us please?
  7. M

    Problems Diagnosing my husband

    Good Morning: My husband, who is a US Vet, was experiencing what we thought was a bulging disc, that also entailed numbness and pain in his feet and legs. Then the muscle spasms in the middle of the night that made him scream became an every night occurrance. He also was experiencing crushing...
  8. K

    Looking for advice or guidance. Thank You.

    Hi All, After months and months of weird bothersome symptoms, 4 neuro appts, various other appts, I'm here to pick your brain a bit. I've also received very little family/friend support during this time and feel pretty alone and isolated at this point. I'm sort of at a breaking point so I've...
  9. B

    Questions about Mefloquine toxcicity and dual diagnosis

    My husband is 46 years old and an Army Veteran. He has been having multiple problems for several years such as falling over when standing still, sensitivity to bright and flashing lights, panic attacks, always forgetful, trouble swallowing, hand and arm tremors, and random body jolts. After...
  10. B

    Finally a dianosis

    Some may remember I had frantically posted a few times. I think we finally nailed it and I wanted to say thank you for the many support and responses. I had a MRI due to some chronic neck pain which I've had a chronic pain issue for years especially after back surgery. My symptoms as we went...