tounge twitch

  1. ktmj

    Head and face tightness

    I posted about this a few weeks ago but cannot seem to find it. Hate to resurrect this, but does anyone have times when their whole head and face, including jaw, lips, neck, etc. are so tight it feels like your muscles are just gonna rip off? Occasionally I can feel them spasm or twitch, and...
  2. C

    Maybe ALS? Please Help- Need Advice and Awnsers

    Hello- First, thank you for taking the time to read this and offer me some advice. I am currently confused and very worried about my health:confused: Here is the current situation- I am a 31 yr old male, in great shape, dont smoke or drink. 2 months ago i started having the following issues...
  3. C

    Everything is coming back negative

    Hey everyone its been a long tiome since ive beautiful baby girl is doing well. I have had a mri on my back ond cervical all came back fine, still having same symptoms as usual i am not the same 24 year old i was thats for sure. I think i no what route iam going down now but i take...
  4. C

    I think i have als

    Hey guys just woke up from a crazy left hand feels weeker it always falls asleep on me and i wont even be doing anything then it takes like 10 min to get it back to normal...this is only my left hand and it hurts so tounge countinues to twitch daily and the fasiculations are...