tongue atrophy

  1. rose

    Bipap "side effect"

    Okay, I posted about this a few months ago when this phenomenon was just starting. It happens every single time I use the bipap now, when I first start to relax (and fall asleep) The surface of my tongue starts to vibrate and make a whirly noise, it flutters so much that it sometimes gets my...
  2. A

    Signs appear consistent with juvenile ALS, but very strange sensory symptoms as well?

    Hello, I'm Alastor, 18 and new here. :) I think I should just let you guys know beforehand: I am not the average Google monkey who is a hypochondriac and is also terrified of various occult illnesses due to nonspecific symptoms(i.e, fascics all over body, no weakness, twitching), although I do...
  3. J

    Pointy tongue with crease in the middle and dents

    I have been weak for a year and a half. It hit me all over my body during a sad loss. Weak arms, legs tongue. Just lifting my chest to breathe was hard. No lectures here but I am too chicken to do the EMG so they diagnosed me with Myasthenia Gravis because I get better with rest and with 8...
  4. H

    Terrified this might be ALS

    Hi all, I have been having some very scary symptoms lately and I am looking for some input. I am a 27 year old female in over all healthy condition. Over the past three months I have been experiencing body wide muscle twitches that seem to be mostly contained in my right calf and quad and my...
  5. J

    Photo of tongue atrophy

    I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find photos of tongue atrophy. I have teeth indentions all around my tongue. I was wondering why that happens and was wanting to see tongue atrophy to see if I have it. Thanks
  6. M

    Bulbar concerns

    Hi everyone, I haven't posted in awhile, but I had some concerns. I posted awhile back about how I have a constant pulse like twitch in my feel that goes off every few seconds that I cannot feel. It has now been nearly 8 weeks and it is still there. Every time I look at my tongue while it is...
  7. K

    How long until tongue atrophy

    I'm still really concerned as I've been having increase in saliva and I noticed last night that it looks like a little groove on the right side of my tongue is more indented than the other side. I do have a scalloped tongue from my teeth, I think Ive had this for quite awhile. For those who...
  8. Zaphoon

    My Discovery and Self-Diagnosis Story

    I am convinced I have a Terminal Twitch Disorder (TTD). I didn't know a thing about twitches, why they occurred or what harm, if any, they might be doing to my body until I heard it rumored they are an early, mid, and late stage symptom of ALS. I have employed Dr. Google to figure out what...
  9. B

    Bulber Onset ALS?

    I posted before but this one is really starting to scare me. A couple days ago I began to notice that I was slurring my words. Yesterday I remember at least three times that I slurred. I have had the 'something in the throat' feeling for weeks now and I beginning to wonder if this is Bulber...
  10. awieleba

    My als/ neuro appt

    Well, I will try not to make this to long but I have a bit to say and those that know me, know that I can get a little long winded..... So, Ihad my repeat emg and saw the other head nuero at als universty (whom has been in als for 30yrs). He did the emg himself and it was perfectly CLEAN...