tongue atrophy

  1. S

    I've never been more scared

    I have clinical and progressive muscle weakness in my hand. Atrophy in the right arm. Active denervation. Clean MRI. Today I noticed tongue atrophy and facilliation which has sent me over the edge. I'm only 22.
  2. L

    tongue atrophy

    I have tried for months to stay away from this site inspite of my constant twitching. I started twitching in my tongue and now I am afraid that I have tongue atrophy. My tongue appears longer and thin. I have a dent around the tip of my tongue, however I am still able to tent my cheeks, swallow...
  3. T

    Newly Diagnosed and SCARED

    Hello, I have been having symptoms for about 2 years and began putting it all together about 1 year ago. Then denial hit and even though I had a referral to neurology for now constant slurred and worsening speech, I put it off until May of this year. I just last week received an ALS diagnosis...
  4. S

    Is this tongue Atrophy?

    Hi Everyone, 5 years ago I started getting twitches all over my body etc. I saw a Neuro as I become obsessed with ALS and he told me I did not have it at all. After a while the twitches went but over the past 3 months they have come back with a vengeance. I feel my face muscles are very heavy...
  5. A

    Is this tongue atrophy?

    Just a quick question, does my tongue look atrophied? I think it does, but I'm no expert. It looks a bit narrow on the outside and the leftside it thicker then the other side. I have salivation and I have a hoarse voice. No problems swallowing or a real slurred speak, beside the hoarse voice...
  6. W

    Tongue Atrophy?!?!?

    I am shaking.. Please can someone have a look..
  7. M

    Bulbar ALS symptoms?

    Can symptoms come and go or get worse later in the day? What does tongue atrophy look like/ feel like?
  8. AzBabs

    New diagnosis

    Hello All, My heart goes out to all with this devestating disease. I was diagnosed this week with Bulbar onset ALS at Barrow Neurological Institute. So far I have slurred speech with tongue atrophy, weakness, & fasciculations. First noticed mild speech changes last September. In the past month...
  9. lovedbygoldens

    Update on mi madre

    Just thought I would share the update from Mom's ALS Clinic visit yesterday. Background: Diagnosed and confirmed (FVC 77%): 03/06/2011 Bi-Pap and (all the meds and vitamins): 03/2011 PEG placed: 06/2011 Full time in Power Chair: Fall 2011 Full PEG feed: 12/2011 Hospice and morphine &...
  10. 6

    31years old with 2 kids, and possible ALS?

    Hello- anyone who has any advice would be greatly appreciated, and I appreciate your time in advance! I'm currently getting worked up for my symptoms and I have a few dr's concerned that I may have ALS. I go to the ALS clinic in January for a consult, in the meantime I've been seeing a few...